The White house is leaked to US President Donald Trump wants to keep because of the continued protests in the United States, a “speech to the Nation”.

Donald Trump* will hold on the occasion of the ongoing protests in the US a speech. Trumps dealing with the protests has been widely criticized. In the planned speech at the weekend he could take a clear position.

Washington – The United States has not come since the death of George Floyd to rest. After a weekend full of protests on the occasion of the death of George Floyd employee of the White house plan a speech by Donald trump on “race and unity”. Trump to turn next week to the United States, suggested Ben Carson, Minister for housing and urban development in the Cabinet of Trump, in an Interview to the news channel CNN.

Donald Trump: US President wants to keep the speech

U.S. President Donald Trump Floyd has been sentenced to death multiple times. He is, however, not be accused to have a clear position against racism and did not show enough understanding for the anger about discrimination and injustice in the country. Also be a visit to a nearby Church, including the use of tear gas against protesters had caused an Outcry among believers and atheists alike. To de-escalate, could Trump refer in his speech clarification.

Donald trump dealing with the protests caused a stir. He described the riots as “acts of domestic Terror,” and he appealed to all mayors and governors, “to show an overwhelming police presence”, “until the violence is quelled”.

death of George Floyd: Donald trump’s handling of the protests, in criticism

George Floyd was on 25. May have died in a brutal arrest in Minneapolis in the state of Minnesota. A white police officer had pressed his knee almost nine minutes in the back of the neck of the lying on the floor Floyd – in spite of all the entreaties of the 46-Year-old, for him to breathe. Floyd had been arrested because of suspicion to have a fake 20-Dollar bill in paid, fixed. Since his death it has come in the United States – and worldwide – to large-scale protests against police violence, racism and discrimination.

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A day before the funeral of the killed George Floyd, the democratic presidential candidate Joe meets Biden with the family of the Killed.

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