Since the death of George Floyd, an African-American, the 25th of may, during an interpellation, the anger is booming in France as in the United States. Monday, 8 June, Olivier Marchal, a former police officer and director, defended on BFM TV, the forces of law and order, which it considers to be ” scapegoats of the instability and disorder of a society “.

a Few hours earlier, he had published an op-ed in which he reaffirmed his defense of the forces of law and order. This text has been shared by the trade union Alliance on Twitter :

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Olivier Marchal, who has signed several films devoted to the police, among which 36 quai des Orfèvres, or A good cop, said all of his support to his former colleagues. “I love the cops, and I’m here to say that I love the cops and that this craft, I respect it. “A trade that was, according to him,” abandoned by the political powers ” and ” vilified by the public authorities and the hierarchy “.

“I am proud to be a police officer”

The actor of 61 years, a native of Talence in the Gironde, then remembered the emotion he felt at the time that he received his ” board cop “. “At the time, there was no laptop, I went into the phone booth of the school of police and I called my father to tell him : “I am proud to be a police officer.” I just want to continue to be proud to be a police officer today, that’s all I want to do. “

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A position already formulated in a platform written by him and relayed on Monday by the union Alliance police nationale. The director described it then the police officers as ” the guys who continue to do their job under deplorable conditions “.

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