Up to 76 Euro can save consumers with an independent credit card compared to the default map of the house Bank. The current analysis of the comparison portal Verivox shows. Because most of the banks charge their customers for the credit card each year for a fee. Anyone who wants to use a card to withdraw money or abroad, pay, pile, under certain circumstances, more cost.

but It is also completely without, as the analysis shows: Nine cards with no annual fees and additional costs for Pay and money to take off from. No this card is linked to a checking account at a certain Bank. Consumers can enter your existing account for settlement of sales behind.

the nine independent are Free-credit cards:

  • awesome card (Visa) of the Hanseatic Bank
  • Germany-credit card Classic (Visa) Paysol
  • Barclaycard Visa Barclaycard
  • Consors financial Mastercard Consors financial
  • ICS Visa World Card IC Cards
  • Payback Visa Flex+ of the BW-Bank
  • TF card Mastercard Gold of the TF Bank
  • toll-free Mastercard Gold from the Advanzia Bank (also under other names)
  • 1 Visa Card Santander

The nine maps are different, of course, in the conditions, for example at the level of the interest rate or the ability to use Apple Pay Should be offered. The latter is currently provided only at the awesome card and the Germany-credit card Classic. Moreover, some providers charge for withdrawals in non-European countries, but fees.

Which credit card is best for you, you can find here: display you can Find your perfect credit card for card scout!

25 to 40 euros basic price for Standard credit cards

For the majority of consumers all nine cards are the Standard credit cards of the five major national banks, savings banks and cooperative credit institutions superior. These require, in principle, ever 25 to 40 Euro annual fee – Verivox comes to an average of 32,06 EUR. In other words: customers pay here auto dozens of the Euro, regardless of whether you have used the credit at all.

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Who uses the card in the holidays, often pays more:

  • For every time you withdraw cash, the banks charge a minimum fee of 2.75 to 7.50 euros.
  • Outside the Euro area of up to 2.5 per cent foreign currency fees are added often. This fee is in Non-Euro countries, also in the case of each payment transaction is due.
  • Some banks charge a in addition, a premium to the current exchange rate.

In the case of Standard credit cards the costs add up quickly to tens of euros

What this means in concrete terms, the experts with an example:

  • Who pays at the Hungarian lake Balaton or on the Bulgarian black sea coast for a holiday and there are two Times 200 Euro with the credit card stands out for 5 to 22,20 euros.
  • Additional card payments in the total amount of 400 Euro with 5 to 15,40 euros.

Together with the annual fee of the costs for the banks will add up in the Verivox-sampling at 35 to € 76.40. The best Free credit cards you can save this money entirely.

Also in the case of Free credit cards on the Budget of the eighth

can avoid consistently cost, you should not pay attention but also that you exceed your Budget and the liabilities immediately compensate for. This is because When all the free credit cards will be given to the card holders of a credit framework, such as Oliver Maier, CEO of Verivox financial comparison, stresses. Therefore, consumers should make sure that you pay your credit card bill always on time on the due date, complete. “Who, however, takes on the part of the payment function in the claim, must pay to the card, high credit interest rates,” warns Maier. With FOCUS Online the best checking accounts compare (display) current account comparison 2020: The best to find account

warning: no Matter which credit card you decide on in the end: The fees the ATM operator, the apply sometimes abroad, reimbursed, no card providers and more.

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