The list of trouble judicial elongates to Patrick Balkany. While he has already been sentenced on appeal to five years in prison for laundering of tax fraud, the former mayor of Paris, has just been indicted by the prosecutor of Nanterre for ” misappropriation of public funds “. He is suspected of having used the municipal officers for personal use during his term in office, has specified the public prosecutor of Nanterre.

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Patrick Balkany has been under investigation Thursday after an interrogation of several hours for “misappropriation of public funds” between 2010 and 2015, said this source, confirming information Parisien. The ex-municipal official has always proclaimed his innocence. The investigation had been opened in December 2013. An anonymous letter had been sent to the public prosecutor of Nanterre, a few months earlier.

Appeal against his conviction and sentence

Patrick Balkany has been elected for the first time in Levallois (Hauts-de-Seine, france) in 1983. With his wife Isabelle, they have made the old suburban red held by the communists a common affluent residential where the industrial wastelands have given way to residences of standing. At the end of may, the couple were condemned on appeal respectively to five and four years in prison for laundering of tax fraud, without incarceration in an immediate fact of his state of health. He was also sentenced to ten years of ineligibility, with provisional execution of this additional penalty.

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They have lodged an appeal in cassation against this last sentence. In case of rejection of their appeal, they will be summoned to appear before a sentencing judge, who will respond to their requests any penalty adjustment. If the appeal grew, the couple could be remanded to a new court of appeal for another trial.

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