gasoline prices to change over the course of the day several times. But to what time and refueling at the cheapest? This shows a statistic of the German Federal cartel office.

When you Refuel can save motorists a lot of money. The prices differ for each gas station and also times play a role. At which time the petrol prices are particularly cheap?

petrol prices vary from petrol station to petrol station, but also the time plays a role. Drivers can save a lot of money if you fill it up at the right time*. The Federal cartel office has published the annual report of the market transparency unit for fuels for the year 2019. From the collected data, at what times are the fuel prices at the cheapest.

gas prices. on the day up to 20 cents per litre

For the evaluation of the fuel prices of the past year were over 14,000 gas stations site points are analyzed, in Germany The statistics shows that gasoline prices in a city or Region in the course of a day, can change up to 20 cents per litre . In the case of petrol stations it comes on the day to price differences of approximately 10 cents per litre . “It really pays to be informed and targeted at the cheap gas stations to fill up certain times of the Day,” explains the President of the Federal cartel office, Andreas Mundt.

On motorists* be able to refuel with the cheapest, therefore, in the evening, between 18 and 22 o’clock . Particularly expensive it is in the morning between 5 and 8 PM . In the meantime, the petrol prices can fluctuate according to the report, strong. However, a guarantee that all filling stations to adjust the prices of this model according to, there isn’t. More expensive provider would offer, therefore, also Often from around 19 PM your fuels more expensive. At night, the majority of the tank raises the prices to make again. Generally speaking, motorists* can assume that a more favourable provider to stay effective and more expensive provider tax.

+ The chart shows that the price of petrol is between 18 and 22 hours are the best.©The Federal cartel office/market transparency unit for fuels

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Inform about petrol prices with a fuel-Apps

gas stations are legally obliged to do so, your fuel prices in real-time, point forward to the transparency of the market for fuels. All citizens have the right to be informed about which provider is currently the cheapest. For example, this works with Tank Apps for the Smartphone*. This will show users current fuel prices the gas stations in the vicinity, partly with a course of a day.

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