The next time, they will think without doubt more extensively before to defy the orders of a commander. Saturday 13 June, passengers of an Air France flight from Paris to Nice were gathered on the tarmac of the airport of the city of côte d’azur by agents of the forces of law and order. The latter were waiting for the descent of the plane to the back to order after the travellers have refused to surrender their mask on the occasion of their rise in the camera at Paris Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport, reports Nice-Matin.

Since the arrival of the epidemic of coronavirus, the health measures have been put in place on board aircraft in order to ensure the safety of all. Among these measures, there is, therefore, the compulsory wearing of masks in airports, but also at the edge of the gear at the volume however, some of the passengers of this ride Paris-Nice have decided to remove their mask after the take-off of the device. All had been well in place during the security checks and the boarding procedure. But, before the urging of hostesses, they have, once seated, spoke of a discomfort to breathe and so they have withdrawn.

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in the Face of the situation, the hostesses were, therefore, alerted the captain, which has severely warned the passengers at fault : “If you don’t put the mask immediately, the police will be there for the arrival.” And he kept his word. Six police officers and gendarmes were waiting for the travelers at the arrival of the aircraft, 15 minutes late. Those who had refused to obey the order given by the commander should be swept according to the legislation in force, to a fine of 135 euros.

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