16.000 danes can get an unpleasant surprise after the new year.

A change in the law will probably have the importance that many danes from the turn of the year may be contacted by lawyers and debt-collectors.

The danes have a debt of the municipally-owned water companies. A debt which so far has been indkrævet through the public collection.

But from the new year, it is expected that vandselskaberne are allowed to plaster the debt-collectors and lawyers, on the customers who have unpaid bills.

And it’s not pennies, there are in the game. The 16,000 customers ‘ total debt is in excess of 150 million dollars.

Several companies are deeply dissatisfied with the government collecting and cross your fingers that they end up with to be allowed to screw bissen on the face of the customers who do not pay.

“Samn Supply has taken a decision to switch away from the Tax. To date, the collection via the Tax has been ineffective – bordering on non-existent,” says Susanne Klitfod, sciences responsible for the settlement in the Samn Supply to branchemediet sparkling water.

the trade Association Danva points out that vandpriserne likely to rise for everyone because of a minority of the customers don’t pay their bills. Danva therefore recommend vandselskaberne to say yes to the possibility to collect the debt with the help of lawyers and collection.