Patients must sit on the table in the new behandlingsråd, which will help the depressed regions to prioritize.

Patients sundhedsøkonomer and sygehusansatte need to have space in a new behandlingsråd, as the Danish Regions will decrease.

Behandlingsrådet must help the regions to prioritize the treatments, so to get the most health for the money.

– There are a great many new solutions in health care each year. It can be difficult to assess out of the individual hospital or the individual department, whether it actually is something that works and gives a better treatment, says Stephanie Lose (V), chairman of the Danish Regions.

It is the country’s five regions, which operates the hospitals. The challenge is that there will be more elderly people and thus also more eligible patients.

at the same time the cost of medicine and new technologies in hospitals is increasing.

A projection, according to the regions, that health spending will increase by over 20 billion dollars towards 2030.

Behandlingsrådet to advise the regions on which types of treatments to offer.

a new knæimplantat be used? Works fototerapi against eczema? And can blood tests replace MRI scans, when you have to analyze head injuries?

these are some of the issues which the council with 14 members, for example, will relate to.

– We can not do everything in the health service. And that is why it is important that we are tough on it, we take in the use, is what gives the patients a value, says Stephanie Lose.

the Council shall, according to the regions ‘ proposals consist of five members, representing the hospitals.

in Addition there shall be two representatives of patients and two sundhedsøkonomer.

in Addition to The Medical Corporation and the Danish Nursing Company have seats in the council.

the Danish Regions must appoint the president, says the proposal, which is now being sent for consultation among patient organisations and other stakeholders in the health field.

It is the regions themselves to finance and operate behandlingsrådet, there will be a counterpart to the medicinråd, such as the regions launched three years ago.

the Plan is to behandlingsrådet shall take office at the beginning of 2021.