In ten years, the number of classes with at least 28 students more than doubled, showing ministeries inventory.

Since 2009, the number of students who go in a class with at least 27 others, well doubled.

It writes Politiken on the basis of figures from the Ministry of Children and education.

According to the statement yesterday, nearly 20,000 pupils in primary schools in classes with at least 28 students in the. As a starting point must likely be 28 students in a class, when the year starts.

But in special cases can local councils allow schools to make classes up to 30.

It is not only the extraordinarily large classes, there will be more of. Generally, the number of classes with at least 25 students has grown, writes Politiken.

Here is the rise 54 percent since 2009.

SF will according to Politiken raise a proposal in the circle of political Artemisbet parties around the elementary school about a class-size limit of 24 students. The party proposes to rolling introduces a lower class-size limit, so you start with the new nursery.

the Price will be well over 200 million dollars per year per grade level, and the money must be found by making the school day a half hour shorter.

IN SF, we feel that it is really bad for the elementary school, that more and more children in the classes. And the teachers have less and less time for preparation, says Jacob Mark to Ritzau.

– We’ll have the ceiling down on the 24, because we know that it will mean that more children will be seen and heard, and the teachers and the educators will be able to reach around and be there for all the children better than they can today.

q: Why have you chosen 24?

– SF is a pragmatic party. And we would like to propose changes in the primary school, as we believe, that we can get through in the long term. We believe that a lowering of the klasseloftet should be something that other parties can see themselves in, ” he says.

the SF has, during the current finanslovsforhandlinger called for more money for schools, writes Politiken.