Now in NRW: 150 Euro fine for Bus and train travel without the mask

The obligation to Wear a mouth and nose covering in public transport in Corona ages to normality. Mask muffle have so far been asked are mostly friendly to buy a mask and a penalty of 50 euros was the maximum limit of the penalty. Now the inhabitants exacerbated the strongest Federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, the rules in public transport. Who carries in the future, no respiratory protection, must be expected according to the mirror with a fine in the amount of 150 Euro. Warnings before a punishment will be, and a Person without a mask to get out, according to NRW-Minister of transport, Hendrik Wüst (CDU) “at the next stop and pay”. The tightening of the rule should come into force immediately and applies to buses, Railways or road.

you must be at the risk of life insurance the eighth

The death or serious accidents happen mostly unexpectedly Due to the loss of a beloved person quickly there is a financial Drama can arise when the main dies earners. The financial disasters cushion and the rear remained secure, risk life insurance companies help, but they are used so far, quite rare for a Pension on the case of an emergency. According to the Federal statistical office, only every sixth household in Germany with a risk insurance on the case of the cases. Straight couples without children rarely use this form of Insurance.

But how can one keep in the insurance jungle track?

The analysis Morgen & Morgen and the economic weekly, if the criteria for the right choice, especially on price, the annual insurance contribution and the performance of the individual rates. Good rates are characterized by the renunciation of the right of termination in the case of a “condition moderate increase of Risk” as the beginning from the smoke, and that the sum insured may be increased under special events in life like marriage or buying real estate, without a health examination.

BMW makes 666 million euros loss

In the corona times, the automobile manufacturers a long time to the Assembly lines to a standstill. BMW Director Oliver Zipse warned already at the beginning of July in front of an “ordinary loss” for the shareholders of the DAX group. Now, the exact extent of the impact of the corona crisis. The Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) announced now, according to Handelsblatt, the worst quarter in the company’s history. During the Munich group was able to retract in Q2 2019 2.2 billion euros before interest and taxes, the operating Minus between April and June of this year, with a total of 666 million euros, is significantly negative.

This article was written by DOUGH editorial

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