Odense Municipality’s director of Children and Ungeforvaltningen, Poul Anthoniussen, came Thursday evening seriously injured in an accident at the rest area Ã…lsbo.

He is in critical condition after the accident.

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It affirms the children and ungerådmand Susanne Crawley Larsen (R) of new york.dk in a press release.

“He is very serious injured and hospitalized at Odense university Hospital. My thoughts are with bill’s family,” she writes.

The 49-year-old municipality director drove according to the police information of highway at 22: 00 on Thursday evening.

He drove into a rest area. Here ended a truck parked, which he, for unknown reasons, drove up directly in.

Poul Anthoniussen has been with the municipality since 2011. First as skolechef in 2011 and then as director of Children and Ungeforvaltningen ago 2015.