Inside the julekortet, who had a picture with a red bow and two christmas hearts, stood there a violent threat, which is now reported to the police.

‘make Sure that all tvangsfjernede children come home to their biological family again, possibly. with the support, by the year 2021 is over. Otherwise, there is a shot there which the accused …’.

the Text is accompanied by an image, which is retrieved from Bente Bendix Jensen’s website, and there is drawn a red cross in the forehead at her.

“It is always disagreeable to get something. I was very shocked, because it is a very fine julebrev the outside and with a fine map. There are some that have sat and taken pains to write it here. It is made properly, and it seems organized,” says Bente Bendix Jensen, who immediately notified the case to the police.

And something suggests that it is organized. Jydske Vestkysten, who was the first to bring the news about the threats, tells, in fact, that Bente Bendix Jensen is not the only politician who has received death threats for christmas. Thus, other four persons received death threats. While not been above the three others, all associated with the post as chairman of the Children and Ungeudvalget.

It is about political positions or departments, respectively, Varde-, Road – and the Municipality of Esbjerg. In the three municipalities the Stig Leerbeck (V) from Varde, denmark, Klaus Kildemand (S) from the Municipality and Diana Moses Olsen (SF) from the Municipality of Esbjerg.

Jydske Vestkysten tell that none of them wanted to elaborate on the death threats received, which is also reported to the police.

In contrast to the other is Bente Bendix Jensen no longer politically active, when she stopped in the Esbjerg city council two years ago. Therefore, she thinks that the person who is behind the death threats received, must be a relative to a person she has been with to take.

“We are more politicians with current or former ties to the Children – and Ungeudvalget who have received it here, so there is a red thread in it. I have the power of my work from years back helped to tvangsanbringe a great many children,” says Bente Bendix Jensen, and continues:

“Whether there is a relationship with, that there is some belittled parents or frustrated grandparents, who believe that they are here of involuntary placements of children going home to their parents again, one can only speculate about. But it seems that there is a correlation.”

Bente Bendix Jensen is not, however, afraid that that will happen to her something, even if the experience has shocked her and the family.

“I’m not creepy, and I don’t think there is some lurking somewhere. But of course, it is unpleasant, that there are some, which can find to write something like that,” says Bente Bendix Jensen, who during his long political career, which spans over 20 years, once before been subjected to the annoyance, in line with the aforementioned christmas card.

“For four-five years ago I had a stalker that followed me for eighteen years, and who also wrote horrible things to me. One should stand for it much as a public person and as an elected politician. Some suggest that the tone has become worse in recent years, and it is absolutely inadmissible, that one must stand for something like it here,” she says and affirms:

“There are many politicians who in the course of their career receive threats, and it is as if the tone in one way or another have been worse.”

South Jutland Police confirms that they have received five reviews about the death threats, and that they take the reviews seriously.