With motorhome and caravan can’t stand motorists in the city anywhere. Where the Camper may be parked here.

For many vacationers could venture a trip in the caravan or motorhome this year* will be interesting. A Camper offers many advantages, including the flexibility. However, if you are planning a holiday with the caravan, you should bear in mind that you are not allowed to leave the vehicle anywhere to Stay.

wagon is A caravan or motorhome brings many advantages. It has virtually the entire budget and in the selection of the next destination to be very flexible. The driver can simply drive on and when he is tired, he puts the Camper on the roadside, and sleeping a round. But it’s not that easy then. Because the road traffic regulations (StVO) are exactly where you sleep in a caravan or allowed to stay.

I am Allowed to Park in the caravan on the roadside and spend the night?

When it comes to Stay , leads in Germany no way to a right campsite over. Who is with the Caravan in a town for a little Sightseeing-Tour on the road low to, the power of the StVO a dash through the bill. Is allowed only if this is the so-called common or used for the recovery of driving ability is used. This may not be more than ten hours , such as Caravaning.de writes. In addition, no camping furniture, or the like may be placed.

should be in keeping with the theme : travel with campers: keep in mind Why you load limits, necessarily.

Parking lots in the city are intended exclusively for Parking. Who is sleeping in his caravan, uses it for residential purposes, which is why it is a special use . Against a short NAP should be no objection. In many cities, Park-and-Ride areas may be used, often there are special Parking spaces for campers and Caravan.

It is therefore advisable to inform yourself in advance of a trip about it , where there are designated places. We have a variety of sites on offer, for example Stellplatz.info where you can RV parks in the whole of Europe can be found.

interesting : fine threatening: The majority of motorists behave at the green arrow at the traffic light wrong.


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