a Strange plant called in Hechendorf and Machtlfing the police on the Plan. Someone built the replenishment for Joints obviously.

Hechendorf/Machtlfing – A Fund is not already the rule, two of which are quite unusual: Mr. chinger police officers have abgeernetet in the past few days, two marijuana plantations. The investigation is going.

Both times, Walker discovered the strange plants that were planted in pots. In the first case, officers found a note in a piece of forest between Hechendorf and Breitbrunn about a Kilometer from Hechendorf to the extension of the wide-Brunner road 15 potted plants. The officials immediately realized that it was marijuana plants. The goods of different size, namely two 30 centimeters and 1.20 meters. The police Packed up the family and made sure.

Shortly thereafter, the plant warehouse in the Lord chinger inspection was larger. Passers-by had discovered in a forest West of the Ulrichsbichl in Machtlfing also, obviously, non-native plants in pot-like containers. It is according to the current state to a dozen marijuana plants, however, they were only about 40 centimeters tall. Also, they were harvested and guaranteed.

The police has launched, according to Mr schings police chief Erich Schilling investigation proceedings against unknown breeder. Allegation: illicit cultivation of narcotics. So far, there are no findings whether the two plantations come from a breeder or two.

notes to the two rearing locations will accept the police (0 81 52) 9 30 20.