In the barn on the small farm at the end of the long, muddy road between the fields in Dragør knelt Heidi Maria Claumarch by his horse.

She tinkered on the horse’s legs. But something startled the two meter high Danish varmblodshest, and instinctively kicked it backwards. It hit right on Heidi Maria Claumarchs left knee.

the Force from the horse’s kick tore all of the tendons, the muscles and the cruciate ligament over in a heartbeat. Heidi’s knee thrust obliquely out from the lower leg.

But the biggest misfortune for Heidi Maria Claumarch first began, when she was hospitalized at Hvidovre Hospital.

Here she was a model in such a degree, that today she can only live half the life she lived before. We will return to.

the Consequence of the visit at Hvidovre Hospital in denmark shows clearly, as B. T. meet her at the farm in Dragør. She humper. The left leg drags a little after her.

Her eyes become wet. The voice becomes mushy.

“Right now I feel like a bad mother. Like a bad boyfriend. And like a bad employee.”

When she was hospitalized after the accident, put the staff in the hospital her knee back in joint.

But the doctors discovered that a vital vein behind the knee cap was clamped down, so the flow of blood to the lower leg were blocked.

In three weeks limped Heidi Maria Claumarch ignorant around without blood flow to his left lower leg. The doctors were not aware of it.

Until she during the final operation of the knee was awakened with the message that her leg was dying.

In haste had the doctors amputate from the upper part of the shinbone and down.

Heidi Maria Claumarchs active lifestyle and identity as a horse rider and friluftslærer had suffered a serious crack. But under the circumstances it was good that the knee was still intact.

“It was important for me that I kept the knee. It provides more mobility,” says Heidi Maria Claumarch.

After amputationen celebrated Heidi Maria Claumarch christmas in a wheelchair with one and a half legs.

But as if that was not tragic enough, the blood flow to the knee is still not re-established.

Heidi Maria Claumarch could feel that something was wrong. The wound from the operation would not complete, and she could recognize the feeling from before amputationen. The feeling of a dead leg.

It turned out to be true. Her knees and the small remaining remnant of the tibia was also dead as a result of the lack of blodtilstrømning.

Shortly after the may Heidi Maria Claumarch let his knee amputate.

Her left leg was missing, in two stages.

In the barn at the farm in Dragør, where the accident occurred, she draws her pants down and shows the prosthesis.

Halfway down the left thigh stops the carnal legs, and the mechanics begin.

It is with the ‘mostly likely’ a direct consequence of the doctors ‘ errors.

Patienterstatningen under the Danish Agency for patients ‘ complaints have noted that there has been critical errors in treatment.

In a decision writing Patienterstatningen that the doctors at Hvidovre Hospital should have carried out a CT-angiography.

such A scan had revealed the pinched vein behind the knee cap that stopped the flow of blood to the left lower leg.

‘would Heidi Maria Claumarch with great probability have preserved his left leg,’ concludes Patienterstatningen.

As mentioned feel Heidi Maria Claumarch, that she today after the failure to address and amputationen can only live half of his life.

sometimes forgets that she only has one leg.

then her daughter was playing in the window sill, and suddenly jumped down.

“I reacted instinctively and grabbed out for her. But I forgot that I had no legs to support on to the side. So I tumbled down on the floor,” she says.

Her voice becomes mushy again.

“I felt so stupid as I lay there.”

In the spring began Heidi Maria Claumarch slowly to feel that there finally was about to come to grips with her life again.

“But then came the summer when we were on the beach. My boyfriend and our kids went in the water, but I could not get out, because my prosthesis can not tolerate water. I also could not go in the sand with those elections, for then I would topple over,” she says.

With a tearful voice she adds:

“I think it is so unfair. I would like to be a mother, who can jump on the trampoline with my son. And teach my daughter to ride a bike.”

At Hvidovre Hospital takes the Patienterstatningens decision note.

they have The answer in writing on the B. T. s approached.

“It is deeply regrettable and very unfortunate that the process has ended, to Maria Claumarchs leg has been amputated,” writes the leading senior physician of the Orthopaedic Department at Hvidovre Hospital, Thue Ørsnes..

He also says that the hospital was aware of the risk of vessel injury. It is a reference to the blocked vein behind Heidi Maria Claumarchs bursitis.

“We measured blood pressure in the lower leg,” he writes, and continues:

“the Measurements showed no sign of vessel injury, and therefore, we referred her for CT angiography.”

It was nevertheless the case. It was just first discovered three weeks later, during a knæoperation at Bispebjerg Hospital.

may the attention of Heidi Maria Claumarchs accident to change the hospital’s procedures, which proved sufficient.

“We will now discuss whether we should change the behandlingsstrategien,” writes Thue Ørsnes.

Meanwhile, fighting Heidi Maria Claumarch every day to find peace in her new situation.

“I have a principle that I will wake happy each and every morning. But after I lost the leg, I wake up happy every morning, and think in today’s first seconds, that leg has grown out again,” she says.

Heidi Maria Claumarch is silent for a few seconds

“no, It’s just not.”