The state aid for Lufthansa are still not cut and dried. That has to do with the EU. The company is working on it, the in the Corona-crisis almost to a Standstill dilapidated air traffic to resume.

Berlin (dpa) – Lufthansa has in the middle fleshed out in difficult negotiations, to state aid plans for an expansion of the flight offer from June.

Accordingly, are to be flown from the second half of June from Frankfurt around 20 goals again – including Heraklion (Crete), Rhodes, Dubrovnik, Faro, Venice, Ibiza and Malaga, as a spokesman for the Lufthansa confirmed. Previously, the “Bild am Sonntag had reported” about it.

agreement on the planned billion-dollar state rescue package is delayed, at the weekend, there was no breakthrough. Have to agree with the EU Commission, which has filed a “Handelsblatt”according to a report in concerns. Accordingly, similar requirements will be made as for normal Acquisitions and mergers.

This would mean that Lufthansa would have to be about to give slots to competitors, but this would exacerbate the already difficult situation of the group yet.

Lufthansa, was planned for Monday a meeting of the Supervisory Board, but this one has been postponed, according to dpa-information. What time is the meeting held, was unclear.

Lufthansa is in the Corona-crisis under pressure. The group the money is threatening to go out. The Corona-Virus with the following travel restrictions had brought the global air traffic, with the exception of the cargo almost to a Standstill. Lufthansa reduced its passenger operations to a Minimum, and flew in the meantime, only about 1 percent of passengers compared to the previous year. In the meantime, the traffic is running slow again.

Now Mallorca is to be flown back more and more often. The Spanish government had announced to open in July, the limits for foreign tourists. In Lufthansa was drawn to the circles that are already taking place flights about to Mallorca often passengers are of dual nationality on Board.

Lufthansa had already announced in mid-may, your offer again in June to expand. This has now been clarified. Europe’s largest air transport group wants to fly at the end of June in the group 1800 Connections per week. Approximately 14 percent of Corona planned programme, with about 13,000 Connections. Achieved 106 destinations in Germany and Europe, as well as 20 long-haul destinations should be. This corresponds to a good third of the original network.

the negotiations on a Lufthansa rescue package was questionable, when exactly the relevant Committee of the state’s economic stabilization Fund (WSF) is coming together. In it representatives of the ministries in charge are sitting in front of it all.

Politically, there is Agreement in the Federal government for a few days. In addition to billion-dollar loans by the state Bank KfW and the silent wishes to participate in the Federal government for the time being, with 20 percent directly to the Lufthansa. This would be below the blocking minority, with the help of important decisions blocked could be.

the Federal government and the companies had made a few days ago, clearly, they expected soon a decision in the negotiations. According to information from the “Bild am Sonntag” to pay back the Lufthansa the billion loan until the end of 2023. To clarify

plan are in the recovery technical, and legal issues. The WSF steering Committee should then present the Lufthansa a final offer for a support package. Then, the management bodies of the Lufthansa deal with it. In the case of the rescue plan, strict EU to take account of the requirements of the EU-Commission have to agree. Such a participation may only be temporary, the state must develop an “Exit strategy”.

reported the “Handelsblatt”, seems to be a theme in the Negotiations resolved. The Federal government wanted to oblige the Lufthansa first of all, all the aircraft ordered by the group with a European manufacturer, also remove – only Airbus could be. The volume of this Order amounts to around five billion euros. Thus, a large part of the financial assistance would have been planned from the outset. But, in the meantime, this point should be formulated according to the report, much softer.