At the beginning of 2018 had Louise Steffensen sell his car.

But it was not because it was too expensive, or doesn’t she got the used. No, the 31-year-old woman simply could not control his temper, when she sat behind the wheel.

was Actually Louise decidedly a danger to itself and many other, when she got into his car.

She led – and are still suffering – of so-called vejvrede, which in other words means that Louise gets tremendously annoyed by the other vehicle drivers driving and behavior on the Danish roads.

for example, a Monday morning a few years ago.

“I drove around a roundabout, and then saw a man running out in front of me, but he choose to give me the finger because I honk. And so goes the fold for me: I must have hold of him,” says Louise Steffensen, B. T.

Louise sat for the male driver and when him again at a turn.

“I overtake him in a svingbane, running in front of him and blocks the handbrake. So I go over to his car and mess up him to the front of the woman, till he says: ‘Shall I come out and pat you one?’. And I’m fresh, so I pull in the lever,” she says.

Luckily it was the handle locked, and the situation did not end with a physical confrontation.

But Louise had “been clear”.

“It is the wildest. So it was a woman of 70, or a rocker 30 with a tattoo in the whole head, so I don’t care,” she says.

Louise had endured the fierce anger in many years, since she was in the beginning of 2018 had a month, which put the mind in time with her.

“I’ve been pushing more of the highway, and here, I had one month where it happened three times, and every time I was upset about it afterwards, when it dawned on me what I had done in my anger,” she says.

Louise could be eddikesur over everything from the bad drive to the fuckfingre, and when she was in her own little ‘bubble’, she could scream at people, beat on people’s windshields and then try to run them out of the ditch.

B. T. wrote in Tuesday’s article about the 70-year-old Hardy, who had been the victim of a punched against his car window and attempt to run off into the ditch, and it was in this context that Louise commented on Facebook-the commentary track for the story about the pensioner.

“I could have found at the same. Easily,” she says.

Something she had to do, and it ended with that the little car was sold.

Louise has a son, and although she never got up with him in the car, so she had to also think of him and the possibility that one day he was sitting in the passenger seat, when another motorist provoked Louise.

the Months went by without a car, but then encountered the 31-year-old woman on a posting on Facebook from the DR, who sought participants for a program on anger.

She came through the eye of the needle and was a part of an Anger Management course that would help her to control her vejvrede.

Louise completed the course at the end of 2018, and today you can again see her behind the wheel in the north jutland traffic.

But you get her not to see in front of your car with a violent mess.

“I’ve got some tools that do that, I can handle it. So even though I still can feel the irritation, then laughed I actually just recently, when a man gave me the finger,” she says.

Therefore, recommends Louise also all who have vredesproblemer – especially in traffic – to try to seek help.

“It’s even more dangerous for all, when it takes place in traffic,” she says.