Social Media? Old hat. The also Facebook know. For this reason, the company with “Social Commerce wants to create” – a mixture of Social Media and E-Commerce – a new Trend. To do this, Facebook has invented the new “Shops”. The idea behind it: companies that present their products already on Facebook and Instagram, now also have the opportunity to sell them there. “It is something I was already interested in longer, but as Covid-19 came out, it was really critical and urgent,” said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. “People are Facebook Shops on Facebook can find the page or the Instagram-profile of a business, or through stories or Ads discover. From there you can save the entire collection, browse interesting products, and an order to leave either on the Website of the company or without the App.“

corona crisis as an accelerator

Actually, the Corona pandemic has given the already booming E-Commerce once again, a huge boost. Many of the shops, which were not previously found on the Internet, through Load and output lock, so to speak, forced to go online. Also for this target group Shops should be very interesting. The goal of the Facebook stores is according to own data, “to make shopping seamless and to benefit from the small business up to global brand, to give the option of Facebook applications to get in touch with customers”.

Shop in 5 minutes

build Say: to Create a Facebook shop for free and on top of that, simply, the Whole thing should only take a few minutes. Easy to select products, Shop Design office cover image and specify accent colors, payment options, and finished. Fees are only incurred for the payment functions. Even Shop-to-Live-Streams should be possible, QVC sends its regards. Germany is among the first countries where the new Feature launches. Shop for Instagram will follow soon, specifically in the course of this summer.

Shopping experience

especially for Influencer Shops promises to be interesting. No matter, whether at Breakfast, driving a car, or brushing your teeth: thanks to the new function, Influencer products can apply at the same time and sell. Online-Shopping is Entertainment. Also, direct contact is possible. In the case of a question, to send to the seller via WhatsApp, Messenger, or Instagram Direct message. Sooner or later it should even be possible directly via chat to buy. In addition, Facebook can actively gather more valuable customer data. “We’ll see what Shops they interact, what products you are interested in, what they buy, and so on,” Zuckerberg said.


Facebook is in E-Commerce is not Unknown, but so far the most revenue through advertising. Although there is the Facebook Marketplace (similar to eBay classifieds), the success of which but. Due to the enormous user base Shops could become a “” for Facebook but now to the real Gamechanger. Online Shopping could make the link with Social Media fun, a factor that Amazon neglected inexcusably. So far, there is not much more than a press release, a Video and some pictures. How good is “shop” really is, it will only show the practice.

This article was written by Nils Matthiesen

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