If this door falls into the lock, then so be it, as you would on a knight’s castle, the drawbridge. What bothers always just bad weather, noise, pushy cyclists – it is now out there. A press on the start button wakes up the two turbochargers powered diesel engine with 240 HP, it can go. Where? No matter where! On roads we are not dependent in the Land Rover Defender.

Land Rover’s terrain legend is back

in short: Even if the Defender with his all-wheel drive system (two-stage transfer case, lockable center differential, active rear locking differential) is still a real off roader is, he has no more with the old Defender a lot in common. The was, you must say so hard, away from his destiny (hard off-road use) but also pretty bad: Abysmal on the road, cheap processing in the interior, uncomfortable Seating position for Tall, a cW value like a Ikea Cabinet from the 1970s. The author of these lines remembers a adventure Tour in the Defender by Bolivia, on the the Landy grew up a as a crisis-proof companion, even in life-threatening situations, to the heart, but after a week, the interior started to dissolve. In short: The old Defender was at least as an everyday car just for the Fans. Land Rover, Alongside the five-door, there is a three-door and, in the future, a long version

for the First time, it is also available in China

This is the new edition over. The Defender is not only about five meters and a XXL-interior bigger and more comfortable, but also – despite the distinctive bodywork – round, pleasing. Who wants to provoke with a black lacquered Defender with petrol cans and ladders on the roof of his Eco-neighbours with your Toyota Prius, at least, prefer the old model. The new Defender is the first, which is also available on the Chinese market. There, the Image of the brand is expected to count considerably more than its all-terrain features. In the new Bond movie, 007 is SUV really FOCUS Online/Wochit suffering In the new Bond Film leaves 007 SUV really

suffer the heavy four-wheel drive on off-road terrain proof: Steep mountain rides, the climbing ability of the Land Rover is located at 100 per cent, he grabs a 45 degree steep hill – deep river crossings (fording depth of 90 centimeters without the snorkel) and adventurous Entanglements of the Defender copes as usual. With air suspension on Board, you can lift the car on site-level, then he has more ground clearance. Land Rover Rear there is a spare wheel

The turning circle for such a large vehicle is surprisingly small, however, the Defender in tight space conditions due to its width handicapped. And also the 2.3 tons of weight are not always advantageous.

On the road: A different world

On the road however, the Land Rover can also hide thanks to the air suspension, its weight well. Anyway, the biggest difference to the predecessor, had a nasty road situation there. Apart from a little feeling of loose steering, the new Defender like a normal SUV drives up, he staggers, barely in curves, on the rocks hardly. The noise insulation is good to hear, although at higher speeds is quite wind noise. From Brummel diesel motor under the bow, you hear little. Land Rover, The interior is sturdy furnishings

The two-litre unit has, depending on the Version of the 147 kW / 200 HP or 177 kW / 240 HP, not taking damage because of the small displacement, the stronger variant. Not particularly fast, but extremely powerful, the Diesel pushes the thick British to the front. The torque is two variants of 430 Newton meters. Also due for a Run of impressive drag coefficient of 0.38, the fuel consumption is an average of 7.7 liters of Diesel; in practice, this is likely to be one to two liters more. The G-class go anywhere – with a V8 engine even in the Diesel zone FOCUS Online The G-class go anywhere – with a V8 engine even in the Diesel zone

Diesel and gasoline engines from launch – Hybrid

later The Defender is also available with four – cylinder or six-cylinder gasoline engine (300 or 400 HP), especially in the US, is likely to be the engine of choice. While in Europe for a lot of drivers, the Diesel is the only alternative, the other Alternative to gasoline in the work: The Defender it will give, for the first time with a Plug-In hybrid drive. Interestingly, the main reason is because it runs a more favourable taxation. BAIC for Daimler – looks like the next Mercedes G-class? FOCUS Online BAIC for Daimler – looks like the next Mercedes G-class?

The Cockpit is not the excessive luxury of a Range Rover, but the Infotainment with the 12.3-inch touch screen and the virtual Cockpit-the Instrument is still. Even a Head-Up Display is available on request. In the operation of the display to “hook” the virtual keys sometimes do not respond quickly enough. In the area there are various cameras send their images to the Monitor, so that you can see, for example, in the case of steep ascents to the crest of the hill, while you look forward over the hood, only the sky.

Delicious off-road living room

place in the Defender plenty. The front of a third seat waiting for the optional space in the middle (“Jumpseat”), otherwise you are happy about the XXL-bins with all sorts of USB, 12 Volt or even 230 Volt outlets. Through the lush space in the rear of the Defender is to be added as needed to the mobile off-road office. In the long version there are the small side of the roof window. However, The many Windows and hatches are so nested that you can enjoy when changing lanes in case of doubt on any strut is staring at me and so a rather poor view to the rear. Jeep Wrangler 2018: New all-wheel drive system, FOCUS Online/Wochit Jeep Wrangler 2018: New all-wheel drive system

anyone Who wants can also bring seven people in the 5.02 meters long, Defender 110, under. Who three doors, one should wait until late autumn, then the Defender 90 is available with prices starting from 49.700 Euro can be ordered. Who wants the 110 variant set, at least 55.600 Euro. Land Rover, The appearance is based on the Original

Extras to no end

it will stay that way but probably rare, because Land Rover was slaughtered in his famous model of all, what’s in it and at extra costs. Four trim lines (Urban, Country, Adventure, Explorer) to fit the car functional as it is visually, to be the preferred area, be it in Munich-Schwabing or the Rubicon Trail in Nevada. To 170 accessories come up to the winch, on-Board compressor, or a refrigerator. The necessary financial resources provided to make the Defender of his own personal crisis-proof escape-mobile from everyday life.


The new Defender remains absolutely off-road capable, but definitely a transformation. Away from the only-edged, brittle, prepare a little compromise individualists to a luxury Fortress, but it is still far enough away from all the watered-SUV. More than ever, the British are now competing with the G-model Mercedes, or the Land Cruiser of Toyota. The cult-the Bonus is in Land Rover is probably the largest, the price is significantly lower. Land Rover all-wheel drive is, of course, the series

The cult factor is the British bigger. The film industry knows. Actually the Defender would have to make its spectacular appearance in the new James Bond Film “No Time to die” a huge PR bonus. However, because of the Corona-measures the Filmpremie has been moved. Nevertheless, For the Defender, the time has come to die, definitely. SUV-haters will get on his sight, of course, prickly Heat; but the the do even in a Kia Sportage. The Defender is one of the last individualists and a real escape mobile from everyday life. Exactly that is likely to guarantee his success.