The AP-HP is disputing statements from Didier Raoult. In a letter to the president of the national Assembly, including the Agency France-Presse has obtained a copy Wednesday the 1st of July, the institution said that according to the microbiologist before the deputies of the commission of inquiry on the Covid-19 ” seem to amount to a false testimony “. “It seems to me essential […] that the work of the commission can be based on elements of the factually false, and that the suites that are required can be given “, writes the director general of the AP-HP (public Assistance-Hospitals of Paris), Martin Hirsch, in this letter to Richard Ferrand.

Martin Hirsch objected to two passages in the hearing of professor Didier Raoult by the commission of inquiry on the 24th of June : on the one hand, an estimate of the rate of death of patients in the icu, and on the other, about a patient of chinese 80 years old hospitalized in Paris in late January and died mid-February (it was the first death of the Covid-19 officially registered in Europe). “These statements, which put seriously into question the AP-HP, made under oath, seem to me to amount to false testimony “, accuse-t-he in the letter dated 26 June.

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No study that compares the mortality of the hospitals in paris and marseille

Two days before, in front of the commission, professor Raoult, fervent as much as it is controversial defender of hydroxychloroquine, had raised the issue of mortality, saying rely on “a work” available online. “The mortality rate in the réanimations here, in this work always, is 43 %. With us, it is 16%, ” he said, without specifying exactly where it was pulling these figures. “The care is passed to the second plan “, had continued the professor Raoult, director of the university hospital Institute (IHU) Méditerranée Infection, Marseille.

In his letter, Martin Hirsch ensures that ” we have no data that up to 43 % mortality in the réanimations of the AP-HP “, without specifying how much are monte this rate. “On the other hand, there is to date no published study which analyses compared the mortality rates in the intensive care unit, assessed in controlled conditions, between hospitals in paris and marseille “, he adds.

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in addition, Didier Raoult stated that the patient chinese of 80 years was presented “at the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in paris” was ” back home “, then was “income after 7 days” and was ” come to die in a hospital “. “The only patient of chinese 80 years which may be referenced in the Pr Didier Raoult was admitted on January 25, 2020 to the european hospital Georges-Pompidou. It has never been sent home “, says Martin Hirsch in his letter. It reminds us that this patient was then transferred ” to the Bichat hospital, national reference centre “, where his daughter, also ill, has also been taken care of before heal.

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