It would be a change in the shopping habits of many Germans: the Traditional Department stores of Karstadt and Kaufhof is threatened with deforestation. Two divisions of the Department store giant seem to be particularly affected.

The Department store chain Galeria, Karstadt, Kaufhof may have up to 80 of its 175 stores Well 5000 jobs to close are in danger of It, especially the Karstadt Sport stores and travel agencies to meet

Update 16. May-13.55: The radical cuts in the Department store giant Galeria, Karstadt, Kaufhof relate to a report that the Karstadt sports stores and travel agencies of the group. As the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger reported, citing company circles, are approximately 20 of the 30 branches of Karstadt sports in front of the , would be affected around a thousand employees. In the case of the newly founded group subsidiary Atrys, which operates the travel offices of Galeria, should therefore be associated with 100 of the 130 travel agencies .

in addition, is to be eliminated according to the report, alone, in the Essen Headquarters of Galeria a three-digit number of Jobs , where 1600 people are currently working on.

Karstadt and Kaufhof in the crisis, the Department store giant to disappear from many German cities

initial meld of 15. May:

Berlin/Essen – In the Department store chain Galeria, Karstadt, Kaufhof were the the closure of up to 80 of the 175 stores . This is the first restructuring concept , that on Friday the General works Council and other bodies was presented. The number of threatened stores could be reduced, however, if the landlords and other interested Parties to concessions ready.

Karstadt sets layoffs of 5000 workers due to Corona-crisis in space

First of all, the business week and the mirror have reported about it. According to information of the economy week insiders expect the removal of about 5000 full-time jobs . “It must be more than cosmetic”, – quotes the words of leaf’s internal circuits. A spokesman for the Department store group, said that the company would not comment on speculation .

The retail giant, however, had the closing already prepared to the start of the week, the staff on sites and a reduction in the beginning of April launched protection proceedings . In a letter to the employees the company’s management reported on Monday, the court-appointed administrator Frank Kebekus and General Plenipotentiary Arndt Geiwitz had made it clear that it must come to closing in the face of the Corona-crisis “unfortunately, the location and, accordingly, also to a job reduction”. Information on the number of threatened branches or of the hazardous jobs, the company is not made at that time.

Corona-crisis has cost Karstadt until mid-may, half-a-billion turnover

While the policy with different measures and auxiliary packages, such as short-time working*, closures of addiction how to prevent this, stressed the group to Write the guide in your two-sided, the Galeria, Karstadt, Kaufhof have Deposit lost during the time derkomplett payments* more than half a billion euros in sales . Due to the ongoing reluctance will increase the revenue loss probably even up to a billion euros. Therefore, further remedial measures were necessary, the company set up a sustainable healthy.

Fierce against the wind, the reduction in plans to get from the works Council and the trade Union Verdi. “The draft of the reorganization plan, the measures provided for are hard to beat in cruelty and a General attack on all the employees “, – stated in a press release of the General works Council. the Verdi Board member Stefanie use Berger accused the group of planning a “clear-cutting at the expense of the employees”. “It appears that the company’s management and the owners need the Corona-crisis miss, their original plans of site closures and redundancies but yet to be implemented,” said the trade unionist.

On Twitter were the first reactions of the users of pity with the employees, who must now fear for their Jobs. Overall, the view that the ailing companies an urgent modern orientation compacted but. One of the assessments of the User: “But if it is not soon, the question manages to answer for what Karstadt/Kaufhof and why you need Karstadt/Kaufhof , the classic store ( maybe with few exceptions) under.”

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