As is apparent from an examination of the E-Learning provider future learn, can handle the Bavarian metropolis, the consequences of the pandemic relatively well, so the job opportunities will be correspondingly high.

Munich is Corona-crisis, the city with the best job prospects

74,94 points Munich nationwide place. Internationally, the city ranks in ninth place. Overall, future learn, analysed the data of world’s 100 cities. Accordingly, workers will have after the Corona-crisis, the best job prospects in Singapore.

The Asian city-state assigned a total of 100 points for the first rank. The pandemic hit Singapore, is relatively weak, it is said in the explanatory Memorandum. At the same time, there is in the city for young people, many well-paid Jobs.

Behind Singapore follow three main cities of Northern Europe: Copenhagen (Denmark), Helsinki (Finland) and Oslo (Norway). At the end of the study, Athens and Santiago form with 1.38 and 1.00 points.

labour market in Stuttgart, Dresden and Frankfurt particularly attractive

In Germany, Munich, cities in (almost) all directions in the sky. On space 2 and space 13 in an international comparison Stuttgart is 68,95 points. In the East, Dresden is a 68,91 points of the city, in the workers after the Corona, most likely, find it to be. On place four and five, respectively, 19 and 22, have made it to Frankfurt and the German capital, Berlin.

The worst job prospects in Germany, according to Corona in Hamburg and in Cologne, Germany. The two cities have done it with a 50,54 and 50,51 percent only on the seats 42 and 43.

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study: equal opportunities and economic situation is crucial

For the evaluation were compared to data for economic development, the political System, health care, workers ‘ rights and equal opportunities, to each other. For example, the economic strength of a city is measured by the economic performance and the number of start-UPS before the crisis, as well as the current unemployment rate and the planned financial aid of the state.

In the past few weeks, the number of unemployed worldwide has risen rapidly. The United States alone there since March 33 million new unemployed. The rate is nearly 15 percent. For the European Union, the EU-Commission 2020 expects to see a rise in the unemployment rate from 6.7 to 9 percent.