protective masks are in the Corona-times indispensable, in many places mandatory. For people with an impairment or for the elderly, you mean a massive restriction of their communication. Therefore, an Initiative has made special masks.


Dachau – whether it’s the supermarket or the beer garden, medical practice, school, or regular bus service: A mouth-nose protection is now mandatory everywhere. No matter whether made of fabric or non-woven, the mask must be permanently or temporarily as well as worn everywhere.

But which is the infection protection is just for people with an impairment or for the elderly, is a massive restriction of their communication. So hearing are dependent on the facial Expressions of their counterparts, children with a Handicap to read emotion and context of a message in the facial features. Dachauer club colorful inclusion has therefore taken the Initiative and special Community-masks with window can be produced.

This will give a foil a clear view of the mouth. “Because a Smile is tremendously important,” said Tanja Patti and Tanya Bernauer from the club’s colourful inclusion now in the case of the Transfer of a mask-Sets to the Team of the occupational therapy practice Nina Landgraf.

The special masks, which the club makes free, want to be a therapist, the occupational as well as “paces”. Practice-owner Nina Landgraf is convinced, that especially the younger children, but older patients are also benefiting with dementia is enormous. “It is amazing how much it accounts for in the treatment, if the facial Expressions are missing.”

the idea for The unusual masks of action arose, as appropriate messages via social media from Italy, were known, according to Tanja Patti. The dedicated comrades-in-arms, the colorful inclusion were quickly agreed that such masks would be enormously important. That children with disabilities in speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, or in contact with the school monitoring benefit would be of the view window that allows you to lip-Read.

Quickly found allies to such a resource here in Dachau manufacture. Costumes Ullman donated fabric and nose bridge, also the Lions Club supported, and on the Corona-aid volunteers were found closer to the inside.

One of them, Stefanie Frölian-Möller, who had already sewn 550 normal fabric masks for friends and school – and then again to the sewing machine continued, four days thus spent, 30 of the elaborate window-finished masks to is. Since she works in a clinic, know you from the professional everyday life, how often a Smile or a cheer would be under view in the contact with patients is important, the fails to the mask.

Also Ina Kotheder experienced as an employee of a medical practice, the importance of facial Expressions, especially in older patients. Therefore, it has also helped. A total of eight seamstresses have finally made about 200 masks. The demand would be much greater, “but then we said stop,” explains Tanja Patti. Because as social networks, public, was, that the Dachau Association in making these specific masks, “came requests from all over Germany and from Italy”. However, the many requests of “can we cope”. Although the production of the special masks to the business could be idea. “But we want to earn anything, we want to help, want to break down the barriers and many make you happy.”

Now the already-made and pre-ordered masks to be distributed, including school companions, who support children with disabilities in the classroom, or therapists. Also, all of the disabled in the district will receive a copy. “We are pleased to enable as many people as possible, a visible Smile,” emphasizes Bernauer.

First feedbacks are very positive. On the photos that come up out of the Rostock, smile, students, and educators through the window of the special masks from Dachau. Also Visit in nursing homes have proven to be the mask already has Patti know. For the club’s colourful inclusion of the project “Community-mask is complete with a viewing window” so that almost.

But not quite yet. Since there are many requests, will be published in the coming days for a detailed sewing instructions plus cleaning note on the Internet and on Facebook. Of course, free of charge, however, the club is happy about a donation. Information, see