Earlier, I called a Taxi for me, when I brought my car in the workshop, in order to drive the connection home and return later for pick-up in the workshop. “Greta finds Papa now good,” commented my son, recognizing that I load my bike in the trunk in order to make the way in a climate-neutral. My car I had to bring in a recall action for maintenance. With me, a smarter guy came in the shop. He invited his black station wagon to a road bike. We laughed and gave each other the problems with our cars. With him the air conditioning was broken. “After not even a year,” he explained to me. “Four friend GmbH”, he called on the service counter next to me his company name. For me, it immediately made click: Because that is exactly the case of this company, belongs to the brand of “guilty”, I had bought a few days ago, a pair of sunglasses of the model “Leopold”. The product description appealed to me immediately. There stood: “As many of his namesakes Leopold noted his aristocratic descent easy. The classic lines, the British Understatement and the right dose of extravagance to make Leopold to the Dandy with the glasses.“ Fits, I thought. I used to made me no thoughts about where the Material sunglasses comes. Today it is different. I know that my new glasses Leopold from precious wood that comes from sustainable forestry. After the encounter with the smart guy from the dealership called, by the way Adrian, and as one of the “guilty”-makers turned out, over I looked on the company Website.Especially a lot of fun to me, your founder story reading. Under the heading “How it all started” said one of the co-founder of matzo: “and I have together at the University of Cologne studied. Well, to be honest, we have located more on the Lawn in front of it and drinking beer…“ Sounds very sympathetic. Maybe I need to grin also, therefore, always, when I wear her sunglasses. Then I am directly in serenity mode.

This article was written by Frank Behrendt

*The contribution to “”Greta’s dad is now determined well!”” published by LOOT. Contact with the executives here.