François Hollande and Emmanuel Macron are seen for their first lunch in head-to-head since the presidential election of 2017. The opportunity for the former president of the Republic to express his fears to his successor at the Elysée. “From the beginning of the health crisis, François Hollande is concerned about the economic and social crisis to come. His concern is now even more important in the face of the degradation of the situation in the coming months “, according to this source.

This last was referred to as ” the particular case of the company BorgWarner, which was announced yesterday (Thursday) the closure pure and simple of the site of Eyrein in Corrèze, resulting in the cancellation of nearly 400 jobs.” François Hollande has ” urged the president Macron on the necessity of the emergency economic and social the first priority of the public authorities, with an industrialization of the most fragile territories, a raise before the summer consumption with checks targeted and the launch of a plan for the renovation of the housing “.

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“The tone was courteous, frank, and republican”

” The situation calls for strong decisions on the ecological level “, but ” nothing should be undertaken which could be divided, in a period where our country was first in need of appeasement “, adds the same source, in reference to ” the potential referendum and the report of the regional mentioned regularly in the press.” It was the first time that the current head of State and his predecessor, whose relations have been strained since 2017, met head-to-head. “The tone was courteous, honest, and a republican “, according to the entourage.

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François Hollande had already visited two times at the Elysée palace since the election of Emmanuel Macron, for the first time in September 2017, after Paris was awarded the olympic Games of 2024 and another time on the occasion of a luncheon, a tribute to Jacques Chirac, after his death, in September 2019. The president Macron met Tuesday afternoon with former president Nicolas Sarkozy, in advance of François Hollande in the framework of its consultations to prepare the after-crisis of the coronavirus and the “new stage” of the quinquennium.

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