in The world the most severe recession since the Second world war, the stock markets are not broke – the Corona-crisis was the big Crash he sees coming, says Friedrich (“The greatest Crash of all time”) in an Interview: “That was just the prelude, a foreseeable crisis.” However, the pandemic speeded up everything a bit. “The unhealthy foundations of the financial system, imbalances are once more in an inclined position come.” Finally, the Central banks and States would pump more cheap money into the market to prevent a crash. “The Grand Finale is yet to come,” says Friedrich. Webinar with Marc Friedrich: How do you now protect your wealth

Growing mountains of debt, Inflation, expensive Euro rescue: The Corona-crisis is changing the world. What do savers and investors to protect their money? Learn from best-selling author Marc Friedrich (“The greatest Crash of all time”) at 18. June, at 19.30 in a Webinar of FOCUS Online and Finanzen100. Here is your Ticket!

Friedrich: The Euro can’t work

The Grand Finale is for him the end of our money system, the end of the “monetary experiment, the Euro,” as Friedrich in the Interview fleshed out. The common currency had finally been wrong from the start constructed as you have tried, States with different economic power together to shoot in a monetary Union.

It could not continue, that the Central banks have to shoot more and more money into the System, in order to keep it alive and the States, more and more debt. “The math is still looking for compensation, and eventually will put into perspective the exponential growth of debt, and adapt and then it will pop accordingly.” The result is a severe recession, Bank failures and mass unemployment be.

What do investors

investors recommends Friedrich, to diversify their assets and invest in assets which are, by nature, limited. This can be, for example, Gold or stocks, but also Land and forest.

The full Interview with Marc Friedrich, you can see here. More information about money and the stock market

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