Leon Goretzka is the FC Bayern Munich is in excellent Form. National coach Joachim Löw had a Team, a secret plan with him in the DFB.

Leon Goretzka is in the squad of FC Bayern Munich* an absolute master of force. Together with Joshua Kimmich , he should make the record master, the leading Duo in the midfield. the national coach Joachim Löw had a crazy Plan with the Bochum for the DFB-Team .

Munich – Four goals and three assists in seven Games: Leon Goretzka is the FC Bayern München * in strong Form.

Leon Goretzka: clock-FC Bayern Munich

The 25-year-old Bochum features in the Bundesliga * as the 4:2 Bayern against Bayer Leverkusen as a clock, temp over the tractor and the two fighters in Central midfield and on the Eight. He’s a goal threat, and a magnificent template donor.

With this Constitution, his body language and his game intelligence is expected from him in the future (even more) – supporting role – the German record champion and the national football team.

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an important victory with an even more important message: #blacklivesmatter. @Bayern memorabilia

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“Especially its recent evolution is very pleasing, Leon has worked at Bayern Munich * a very good Position,” said Joachim Löw now the kicker: “He made so early in his first international, because he showed up with 17, 18 years in Bochum, very large potential. In the Year 1995, he was the furthest. Currently, he feels as good as rarely before, as he told me recently on the phone.“

Leon Goretzka: national coach Joachim Löw had a secret, writes plan with Bayern-Star

Like the kicker more, should have had the national coach of a secret plan with the Bayern-Leader* . Therefore, Loew’s , Goretzka considered to set up as a right defender. The Baden waived, however, on this measure.

+ Since 2006 Germany coach Joachim Löw.©dpa / Christian Charisius

“Because Leon has played this role never. And to games and Training are necessary”, such as Loew’s said: “With his dynamics, his feel for the ball and understanding of the game, he would have been a possibility.”

In the DFB-Team moved to Bayern colleague Joshua Kimmich in the middle

The FC Bayern the Frenchman Benjamin Pavard plays constant (and good) as the outside defenders. In the DFB-Team the coach rotates regularly, after he has pulled Goretzkas Munich colleague, Joshua Kimmich as strategists in defensive midfield.

An ideal solution, the world champion has not found a makers of 2014.


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