FC Bayern Munich: Thomas Müller had to listen to his sharp criticism of the club a bit of sports Director Salihamidzic.

The FC Bayern* has been running for the Corona-Pause seemingly everything is smooth. FC-Bayern-Star Thomas Müller said the FCB Board of management is critical. Subsequently, the sports Director of the Hasan Salihamidzic: was looking for Years of the conversation with the 30 -.

Munich – When FC Bayern, the season could not run after several weeks of Corona-Pause* better. From the first five League*games brought massive 15 points. After the successful DFB Cup semi-finals Thomas Müller had himself carried to a statement because of the sports Director, Hasan Salihamidzic: the 30-Year-old confront had to.

FC Bayern Munich: Thomas Müller criticized FCB management – “A bit of a Paradox if…”

Bayern-Star Thomas Müller showed up after the fought 2:1 victory over Eintracht Frankfurt in spite of the feeder to the Cup final, not very excited, also because of the current Transfer discussions. Responded to a possible exchange of Kai Havertz of the Munich Muller said he did not know “what is planned, what are the Budgets can be assigned in the current hours .”

Then the Ex-national player sat on top and said: “Yes, This is also a bit of paradox when talking about new additions and at the same time salaries saved “. The top of Bayer, however, stated in the same Interview that he was a proponent of a Havertz Transfers. The Bayern team dispensed with in view of the pandemic on parts of the content*. Parallel Transfer rumors* about the planning for the Season of the Munich public.

FC Bayern: Salihamidzic confronted Müller – “for us the next day right away”

Ahead of the Bundesliga*-home game in the Allianz Arena* Salihamidzic at the Sky-in microphone on the statements of his Star player’s voice against Borussia Mönchengladbach. Müller did after the Cup game, “as he was not so satisfied” various statements made in which he had “unravelled Verd”. “We have spoken to us next day , above, we sat down and I told him that the incorrect . He has understood it, Thomas is a very, very intelligent Boy.“

Müller have clearly in breach of the attitude of the FC Bayern* , and about from his superiors and the Levites read. Salihamidzic explained the in the Sky pre-reporting. “We speak only to Transfers when they are made. This is true not only for the perpetrators, but especially for players .“ The Brazzo-announcement has been sitting, however, the question of how the Bayern officials with financial losses for the transfer* want to pay.


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