Despite several parents ‘ shock, anger, and frustration teach the female teacher who lured two boys in the 6. class to tungekysse, still the same class at Lille Næstved School.

“I do not think it is fair that the school keeps their hand over the teacher. It sends a signal that the other students can be exposed to it. It gives the sense of insecurity among pupils and parents that the school management not to sanction or draws a line in the sand.”

this is the sound of the immediate assessment from the psychologist Kuno Sørensen at the Red Child.

“It is cross-border and insulting to the children to bring them into the kind of intimate relationship, as a tongue kissing is. There is a further element of the violation of children’s privacy, that it is being filmed,” he says however, without having full knowledge of the case.

center director in the Center for day Care and School Lars Nedergaard has previously said to the, that he is sorry for the incident, but also put a sentence at the same time.

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“If it happened, then it is unacceptable. It is simply inexperienced and stupid. I have complete confidence that management has done the right thing. It is those who know the teacher.”

Then he puts emphasis on the fact that the disgruntled parents can simply move their children, as there is a free school choice. The last opinion is Kuno Sørensen is not particularly Kalebet impressed with.

“It is true that there is free school choice, but there is also an expectation from parents and society that the ordinary morality to be maintained,” he says, and continues:

“If the intent of it here has been to create more confidence among the students, then you have hit absolutely on the side.”

He believes that a tongue kissing between the two boys in the level is something that is so intimate and so sexually that it should not take place in a school, while a teacher is filming.

More Facebook users in B. T.’s comment box expressing that they believe that the school had acted differently, if there was a female school teacher.

“I think that the reaction had been different, if it was a man, who had asked them to do something similar. It is to be sexually cross-border is something that we primarily know from the men. We have a larger tolerance when the women involving children in sexual acts,” says Kuno Sørensen’s assessment.

B. T. has carried forward the criticism of Inge Dollerup, who is the director in Næstved Municipality.

“We are very sorry that that has happened here in error, and we have laid us down flat,” she says and continues:

“Parents need to be confident to send their children in primary school and therefore it is on us to restore confidence now. Therefore we focus on the children and the class thrive.”

But there are some parents who do not feel confident to send their children to school now? It is not something In the notes?

“of Course we assess in general how to act and what staffing consequences it should have. But I’m not going to go into the case in the media,” she says and continues:

“It’s not just that, you say ‘bom’. So, the matter is closed. We continually assess what is appropriate to do in relation to parents, children, etc.”

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