Emmanuel Macron could he overturn the table ? According to Le Figaro, the president would have proposed, in recent weeks, to resign, and then to run for another term.

there has been ” a fortnight “, during a restricted meeting of donors to the presidential campaign of 2017 in London, the head of the State has rushed in video conferencing. In five minutes of intervention, it would have shown that he was ready to ” take the risk “. A participant specifies that the tenant of the Elysée palace would like to, with a possible resignation, to provoke an early presidential election ” within a few weeks or months to come.” “I’m sure to win, because there is no one in front,” he reportedly added.

And for good reason : the Constitution stipulates, in article 7, that” in the event of a vacancy, the ballot for the election of the new president takes place […] at least twenty days and thirty-five days after the opening of the vacancy “. A time limit which would prevent almost any preparation of the opposition, such as the organization of primary.

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A decision “within a few weeks or months to come,”

” in principle, we do not reject any hypothesis “, stated the president, adding : “The assumption of the resignation was never on the agenda nor even referred to in a meeting at the Elysée palace. “So far,” we enter a cycle of reflection and consultation, “explained the Palace, implying that,” in this context, everything is looked at “. The decision of Emmanuel Macron will take place “in weeks, or months to come,” do we even know.

Le Figaro recalls that, under the Fifth Republic, the scenario of a presidential advance is presented only two times : in 1969, the resignation of Charles de Gaulle, then upon the death of Georges Pompidou in 1974.

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