In March had presented the “economic” scenarios, according to which the economic performance decreases in the case of a negative trend of 5.4 percent. Then the forecast needs to be corrected.

Berlin (dpa) – The so-called economic experts are correct their, in March of ‘ economic forecast for Germany in view of the now larger extent of the Corona-pandemic down.

“The Lockdown has lasted longer, and the foreign economy is hit harder than expected. Especially in terms of the United States, we were clearly too optimistic,” said the Chairman of the expert Council for the assessment of overall economic development, Lars field, the Newspapers of the Funke media group.

“We expect this year’s decline in gross domestic product, which is expected to be between minus 6% and minus 7 percent,” said the Freiburg Economics Professor. In March, the government advisers had called the wise men, also known as “economy”, three scenarios are presented, according to which in the best case, economic output falls by 2.8 per cent and in the case of a negative development by 5.4 percent. Finally, the forecasts of various Economists and trade associations for Germany ranged between a stimulus minus of 7 and 10 percent this year.