shops are open, people sit in Cafés and go on holiday: There are the first signs for us to Overcome the Corona-crisis. However, the labour market continues to suffer.

of Nuremberg (dpa) – economists from leading financial institutions expect a further rise in unemployment in Germany in the Wake of the Corona-crisis.

“The number of unemployed is expected to rise in the next few months, because there will be more redundancies and companies are hiring less,” said Fritzi Köhler-Geib, chief economist of the government development Bank KfW.

“in the coming months to ensure that unemployment is increasing, and to rush lasting night leads,” she said. This was especially true for young people without a vocational qualification. The training will be in the Corona-crisis due to economic problems, but also because of the practical requirements of the Social Distancing to be a challenge.

Katharina Utermöhl, economist at the Allianz group, is rising unemployment. “Many companies are adjustments in the end but not to Capacity, that is to say Jobst-outs, or even a bankruptcy, come around,” she said. “Therefore, short-time workers in Germany is around one-fifth continues to be an increased risk to slip into unemployment.”

According to calculations by the Alliance, the number of bankruptcies in Germany will rise by the end of 2021, primarily due to the Corona-crisis by twelve percent compared to the end of 2019. Utermöhl to expect a wave from the end of the year if in the 4. Quarter ends the suspension of the obligation to apply for Insolvency. “You should come to insolvencies around, however, reduce capacity.” It therefore proposed assistance to the recruitment of new staff and called in Austria, practiced setting bonus as an example.

Marc shadow mountain by Deutsche Bank, despite the upturn in the economy, no reason to sound the all-clear. A Minus of nine per cent in economic performance is expected for 2020 still. The export-oriented industries, such as mechanical engineering and the automotive industry would continue to be difficult – while in Asia the economy, over again, don’t become the question mark in the USA, or smaller.

shadow mountain in June of nearly three million unemployed people – an increase of 130,000 compared to the previous month. The number of workers on short time was going to move out at the end of may nearly eight million. Thus, Deutsche Bank is slightly higher than the forecast of the Alliance, which is expected to 2,869 million unemployed in Germany. Thus, the highest level since 2013 would be reached.

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suspension of obligation to apply for Insolvency