The proposed law LREM to better “protect the victims of domestic violence” was adopted unanimously by the senators, on the night of Tuesday 9 June Wednesday 10 June in the first reading. The Senate stated, in particular, the provisions that authorize a physician to depart from the rules of medical confidentiality if it “considers consciousness” that there is “danger immédait” for the life of the victim and the situation of the right of way. This bill must also increase the penalties in case of harassment within the couple, bringing them to ten years of emprisionnement, in the case where the harassment has led the victim to end her days or if she has attempted suicide. Now, sénteurs and members of parliament must agree on a common version of the text in mixed joint commission.

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Fight against the “cyberviolences marriage”

” regrettably, at this stage 36 spousal homicides in 2020, compared to 150 on the whole of the year 2019. This is obviously not a victory, ( … ), but this decrease is probably a marker of the relevance of devices that are not yet fully deployed, ” said the keeper of the Seals Nicole Belloubet. “The breeding ground of domestic violence is a phenomenon of domination,” said the secretary of State for Equality of women and men Marlène Schiappa, stressing that “for the first time” the concept of control in the act. A first series of measures had already been adopted at the end of 2019, in the bill proposed by mp LR Aurélien Pradié, the generalization of which the bracelet is anti-reconciliation.

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The text represses also the geolocation of a person without that person’s consent, and creates an aggravating circumstance in case of violation of the secrecy of correspondence by a spouse or ex-spouse, in order to better fight the ” cyberviolences marriage “. In the same spirit, the senators have created an aggravating circumstance for the crime of sending repeated messages as malicious. It also strengthens the protection of minors, exposure to pornography, a Senate amendment imposing an age control to the publishers of pornographic sites.

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“I don’t know if you measure at what point it is difficult to protect the women,” Eve Ensler : “When the men apologize, patriarchy will collapse “