Didier Raoult is using the courts to settle his conflict with Martin Hirsch. Professor marseille, the herald of the treatment with hydroxychloroquine against the Covid-19, filed Wednesday, July 29, a complaint for false accusation with the public prosecutor in Paris against the director-general of the Assistance publique-Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP), according to information from the newspaper La Provence, later confirmed by France Info.

on The 26th of June last, in a letter addressed to the president of the national Assembly, Martin Hirsch, had protested against the statements of Didier Raoult. The boss of the AP-HP had estimated that some of the remarks of the infectiologist in front of the members of the commission of inquiry on the Covid-19 appeared ” to amount to a false testimony “. “It seems to me essential […] that the work of the commission can be based on elements of the factually false, and that the suites that are required to be data,” he wrote.

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Controversy surrounding the mortality rates

Martin Hirsch had objected to two passages in the hearing of professor Raoult by the commission of inquiry of June 24, on the management of the crisis of the sars coronavirus : on the one hand, an estimate of the rate of death of patients in the icu, and the other, remarks on a patient chinese 80 years old hospitalized in Paris in late January and died mid-February (it was the first death of the Covid-19 officially registered outside of Asia). The microbiologist had argued that “the mortality in the réanimations of the AP-HP” was 43 %. The director-general of the Hospitals of Paris had indicated subsequently, on 6 July, that this mortality was estimated to be between 25 and 35 %. Martin Hirsch had confirmed the authenticity of the source of Didier Raoult, but had pointed out that it was dated several months and was therefore obsolete. He had added that at the time, according to this same document, about half of the patients hospitalized in resuscitation there were still admitted, and that we knew so not yet the outcome of their disease (death or cure). According to France Info, the complaint of the professor in marseille is currently in the study.

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“Up here, it was a matter of scientific controversies which have always existed, professor Raoult has always been willing to spark controversy, but it is beyond the scientific sphere,” said the Agency France-Press Me Brice Grazzini, the lawyer Didier Raoult, who confirmed that he had filed a complaint on Wednesday. Since the beginning of the epidemic, the defence for Mr. Raoult hydroxychloroquine has sparked many controversies in the scientific world. “There, it is different, my customer risk 5 years of imprisonment and 75 000 euros fine “, has added to its board.

According to him, Martin Hirsch has ” accused the Pr Raoult false testimony under oath then that he relied on the statistics of the AP-HP “. “There is no match between the AP-HP and AP-HM, the Pr Raoult was talking about just a lack of means, the fact that we had anticipated things by testing more to Marseille than elsewhere “, has finally pointed out to Me Brice Grazzini.

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