The city of Minneapolis seems poised to make a major reform of its police. “We are committed to the dismantling of the police service as we know it in the city of Minneapolis and rebuild with our population a new model of public security that really makes sure the safety of our population”, said on Sunday, June 7, the president of the city council, Lisa Bender, on CNN. Elected officials have the intention to transfer the funds allocated to the police to other projects and the question of the replacement of the police department today will also be on the table. “The idea of not having a policy is certainly not a short-term project,” said the woman.

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The councilor Alondra Cano said on Twitter that the decision had been taken “with a majority of the city council of Minneapolis sufficient to avoid a veto”. According to it, the board has concluded that the city police was “not reformable and that we were going to end the system of maintenance of the current order”.

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Event quiet in Washington

A white policeman of Minneapolis has been charged with the murder of George Floyd, a black man of 46 years, on may 25. A video filmed by a passerby shows him with a knee support during almost nine minutes on the neck of the victim, who reported not being able to breathe. Three police officers who accompanied him have also been indicted.

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tens of thousands of Americans have once again demonstrated Saturday in many cities of the country. And the rally in the federal capital, Washington, under the windows of a White House surrounded by barriers, chain-link and transformed into an armed camp, has not given rise to any incident. Riots and looting were agitated in the days following the tragedy, several major cities across the country, pushing the authorities to put in place a curfew. Bristol to Budapest via Madrid and Rome, tens of thousands of Europeans have joined Sunday’s demonstrations against racism.

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