US carmaker Ford is calling back vehicles. A total of approximately 2.15 million cars were affected, with shares of the company. Specifically, it is the models Fiesta, Focus, Fusion, Escape, C-Max, Transit Connect and Mustang.

doors could be during the trip

open limousine from the type of MKZ and MKC, the Ford group belonging to the upper class brand, Lincoln to. The affected Model vintages ranging from 2011 to 2016. In the worst case could open the door while driving, warns the company. Ford had so far, however, no reports of accidents or injuries known. The Problem is apparently not new – the current repairs is not, or at least not as intended were exchanged, according to Ford, is necessary, because some parts of the door lock call for two of the previous return may not even.

Also Pick-up must in the workshop

in addition, the manufacturer announced on Wednesday a major recall because of the risk of leaking brake fluid. This Problem relates to the Pick-up Truck F-150, which is famous especially for US customers to be very popular. In the United States, the recall includes Ford says good 292.000 vehicles of model years 2014 to 2017. Further, almost of 52,000 pieces need to be repaired, therefore, in Canada and Mexico.

Whether from the back of the model in Europe does not call are affected, is known. Many models such as the F-150 will not be sold at all; some, such as the Mustang, Feista or Focus but.

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