Since a few days, Dead girls don’t “-can view”lie to Fans the series Finale on Netflix. However, not all viewers are with the end of satisfied.

+++warning, it is Spoiler for the 4 episodes. Season of “Dead girls don’t lie”+++

The 4. Season of “Dead girls don’t lie” is launched in early June 2020 on Netflix . A 5. The Season will be according to the creators. Not all Fans are over the Grand Finale happy.

“Dead girls don’t lie”: the actor has series of 4. Season desired

Update from 17. June 2020 : Although not all the Fans are with the Finale to be satisfied, to actor Dylan Minnette (Clay) in an Interview with Entertainment Weekly that he would have liked Justin’s series even. Showrunner Brian Yorkey he would have asked, therefore, to leave the series in this dramatic manner: “I remember that Brandon Flynn and I had hoped the entire series over specifically to Justin’s death. We have pushed and we have explained to Brian why we have the feeling that it needs to meet Justin.”

Minnette explained that the Finale for the spectators should be particularly emotional, since “Dead girl lying is not” generally speaking, a dramatic series. Such a tragedy was able to achieve, in his opinion, only if Justin dies because he had developed over time to be a Fan favorite.

“Dead girls don’t lie”: the Netflix series has already been criticized several times violently

message from the 15. June 2020 : there is Hardly a season of the Netflix series “Dead girl lie could not escape” a large amount of critical reviews. Usually the explicit depictions of violence, which caused displeasure among the audience were. The most well-known example is The suicide of the main character, Hannah Baker* (Katherine Langford) to 1 in the. Season to be shown in detail to have been. The were many spectators, is problematic, since the series particularly appeals to teenagers, which could mimic such a suicide in the worst case, even.

“Dead girls don’t lie” on Netflix: Fans are disappointed about the series in the finals

Exceptionally, it was in the 4. Season but no display of violence scenes, which are in criticism. Instead, some viewers expressed their dissatisfaction over a series in the last episode , the big topic (caution, spoilers): Due to his drug problems, Justin (Brandon Flynn) receives an AIDS diagnosis. Then he dies of Meningitis and pneumonia. His death came in the final Episode is particularly surprising, since it looked at the beginning of the season then, as if Justin, as a single figure would have processed the events of the previous Seasons as well.

The story of “Dead girls don’t lie” was for the protagonists never particularly rosy, which is why the tragic history of the finals is no Surprise. However, some viewers are angry that it hit, of all things, Justin. Although he was in the 1. Season as a kind of Antagonist was, he has to go through in the course of the series a conversion, and captured the hearts of many viewers . So a disappointed Twitter users, for example, writes: “I can’t believe it still, that Justin is dead, why do they (the creators) of the series something like this? The end is good, but if Justin would live, it would be much better.”

another User said: “they (the creators) have done to Justin Bad thing.”

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Why are there no 5. Season of “Dead girls don’t lie”?

In this tragic end, it will remain, because the creators of the series have already been announced a long time ago, no 5. To turn the season more . Showrunner Brian Yorkey betrayed by the way the reason in a Interview*.

Alternatively, there is on Netflix & co. by the way, many other series, the Fans of the “Dead girl lies could not” fallen*.

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“Dead girls don’t lie”: All the info for the Netflix series at a glance


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