the Experience of darkness and stjernehimmelens mine recreated on the new special dark places at home and abroad.

There are living longer and longer between places, where the darkness and the starry sky true can be experienced.

the Amount of artificial light is the last number of years has grown by two percent per year. On the satellite images to be seen clearer how areas such as Europe many places of the night bathed in the light from the roads, towns and industry.

however, There are still places in Denmark, where the darkness has the power. Where the stars can be seen in all their diversity, and the Milky way is not just the toner away in a brightly lit sky.

Some of these places at home and abroad, work is underway to make the special Dark Skyområder to limit tackling light pollution and enhance views of the night sky.

This applies, for example, on Mandø and the island of Anholt, Denmark’s darkest places and two of the darkest in the world, where people live.

as Well as on the island Nordby Hills, where the local la plays a key role in getting a Dark Skyprojekt up to stand.

– the Goal is low lysmålinger Wednesday. Right now it looks, however, with the winding to close the cloud cover not too promising, as there is too much light, says Finn Leth Hansen from borgerforeningen.

Already, two years ago, Denmark got its first dark Betasus place, since the island of Møn and Nyord was certified as the first Dark Sky Park, following years of preparatory work.

Tom Axelsen is a civil engineer and one of the driving forces behind the project, which today draws tourists who come to the area to experience the darkness in a brightly lit world.

– We lose the night, without that we notice it, he says.

– The clear consequence at the very light is that the stars “disappear”, and we have always looked to the stars and told stories about them, he says.

Even worse, however, is that research in the past 10-15 years has demonstrated that light also negatively affects human health as well as wildlife and insects. The darkness is one of the last unprotected nature, although two-thirds of all animals are active at night, says Tom Axelsen.

Therefore, he welcome the fact that there are several Dark Sky Parks in the pipeline.

– in Order to understand the darkness, there must be some places, people can experience it. One may then hope that more citizens and politicians are discovering that the light also is a pollution problem, and that it is stupid that we spend so much light at night, he says.