welcome to the tourism professionals. Wednesday, 29 July, the government announced that the scheme of part-time unemployment, put in place for the tourism sector, particularly affected by the pandemic Covid-19, would be extended until December, according to terms yet to be defined. This use of the activity partial for the companies in the sector (hotels, restaurants, tour operators, events, etc) had been established during the containment for help to cope with the stop or the decrease of their activity. In may, the government announced the extension of the device until the end of September.

” The part-time unemployment continues on the same terms and conditions until September, it will be extended until the month of December, we maybe see the methods according to the state of the industry “, announced the secretary of State for Tourism Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne at the microphone of France Info. “But what is clear is that tourism professionals need support in the long term ; for some, this is going to be a year white. We will continue to be at their side, he insisted. We will look at this in September. In principle, yes, we will continue until the month of December. “

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Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne recalled that the government had “put 18 billion euros in support measures and investments” to the tourism sector, the measures announced in may and which include measures for partial unemployment, loans guaranteed by the State, exemptions, social, or deferrals of tax. “Almost 9 billion euros in loans guaranteed by the State” have already been granted to companies of the sector ” to deal with all of the stresses of cash “, said the secretary of State.

A sector which represents 2 million jobs

The sector as a whole accounts for over 8% of the French GDP and 2 million jobs. “It will be necessary to extend the deadlines of the help and support of our profession, otherwise there are a lot of doors for hotels that are close. This will be an economic cataclysm for our sector of tourism “, was shown Tuesday to Agence France-Presse Jean-Virgile Crance, president of the national Grouping of hotel chains (GNC).

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” The part-time unemployment benefit will stop in September, it had asked to extend it until April 2021 at a minimum. We’ll need to look to extend the exemption of the charges, and, on the financial part, it will be necessary to extend bank maturities, even if this means that they are carried forward at the end of funding. Otherwise, a lot of institutions wouldn’t get away, ” according to him. “With the Umih “, the main federation of hoteliers, ” it is estimated that over 20% of the institutions that could be in a situation of near-bankruptcy by the end of the year if the economic situation continues “, also felt Jean-Virgile Crance.

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