The loss is enormous, and putting an entire company. In an interview in the Journal du dimanche, Jean-Pierre Farandou reveals that the crisis of the sars coronavirus is expected to cost alone nearly 4 billion euros of turnover to the SNCF. “The loss of revenue should be close to 4 billion euros, the TGV alone in representing the half of it “, assured the CEO of the group.

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If we add those linked to the strikes against the pension reform, estimated at one billion euros, the loss for the station is around € 5 billion since last December. During the period of containment, ” only 7% of TGV have rolled and they have transported more than 1 % of the usual clientele. We have also recorded the shortfalls in important trains of everyday life. Only the cargo has held up rather well, with an activity rate superior to 60 %, ” said Jean-Pierre Farandou.

quick Recovery expected

Hoping for a recovery in the ” fastest possible “, Jean-Pierre Farandou said about the TGV that “a few trains” were complete in June : “For July, we average 20 % to bookings, and August around 8 %,” said the boss of the SNCF, according to which ” we are still very far from the speed of the restart observed after a strike.”

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Jean-Pierre Farandou has also expressed his desire to replace by 2030, with trains operating on hydrogen, ” all trains running on diesel on the network that is not electrified “. “With the regions, we will put in service the first prototypes in 2023. In the meantime, we are developing with Alstom trains-in hybrid, which will arrive as early as 2021 in 4 regions. They run on diesel on the main path, but go to the power entering in the cities. They make less noise and pollute less. “

No layoffs planned

It has not quantified the cost of these measures which aim to achieve the carbon balance of ” zero emission by 2035 “. When asked about a possible gesture-State financial, Jean-Pierre Farandou, which called for three weeks ago a plan to boost the rail, has responded that they have ” a regular exchange with the State “.

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with Regard to employment, he again rejected the idea of layoffs : “on The contrary, we will continue to recruit this year and next year,” he said. Recalling that it had made two fund-raising 1.2 billion euros in Europe and the United States, it has embarked on ” a savings plan that represents several hundred million euros “, and which focuses in particular on the procurement of equipment and operating costs.

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