Nearly 10 000 new cases of Covid-19 were diagnosed by 24 hours in Florida, a new record for the State of the american south affected by an outbreak of the new coronavirus, especially among young people. The “Sunshine State” has recorded 9 585 new cases and 24 deaths a day, a record unprecedented since the beginning of the pandemic, according to statistics from the local health authorities.

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Florida is facing a “real explosion” of the disease among young people which, in the favour of the d├ęconfinement operated since the beginning of June, have returned to the beaches and the night life, acknowledged this week his governor Ron DeSantis. The average age of infected persons is 33 years, compared with 65 two months ago. The republican governor, who had trailed to take the first measures of confinement, decided on Friday to suspend the consumption of alcohol in the bars.

similar Increase in Texas

His counterpart in texas, faces an alarming rise in the number of cases in his State, has also ordered the closure of bars, and has reduced the capacity of restaurants to 50 % compared to 75 % since June 12. Friday night, in a rare act of contrition, he regretted having allowed the bar to reopen too soon.

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“If you could go back and start all over again, it would probably slow down the opening bars, as the virus is spreading quickly,” said Greg Abbott on the local channel KVIA. “People go there to get closer, drink and socialize”, a perfect recipe for the new coronavirus, a-t-he stressed. Texas is one of the first american States to have re-opened its economy. As soon as the 1st of may, restaurants, shopping malls, cinemas, and shops were able to reopen at a reduced capacity.

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Friday, the city of San Francisco, California, has in turn announced a “pause” in its d├ęconfinement. Hairdressing salons, barbers, bars outside of… which were to reopen Monday, expect, authorities have indicated. More than half of the american States, particularly in the South and West of the country, are experiencing a rise in the number of cases of coronavirus, while the situation continues to improve in the North-East, which was the most affected region two months ago.