Austria’s Federal President, Alexander Van der Bellen disobeyed the Corona limitations and got caught, later, a banal explanation followed.

In Austria Corona were arranged-easing early, currently, areas of limitations apply in many lives . Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen was caught for a rule violation in a Restaurant. The head of state apologized , the reactions of the population are mixed. Here you will find facts about the corona virus* as well as Corona-News from Germany. Also you can find here a variety of current case numbers in Germany, as a card*. Currently there are the following recommendations to the Corona-protection measures*.

Vienna – The policy imposes on the citizens – for the sake of the health of all in the Corona – crisis heavy limitations . Even more critical is observed, whether the leaders of their responsibility to be fair. But this seems to be a difficult To FDP leader Christian Lindner has now arrived in Austria, a leaders hard to miss. In the Alpine Republic, it is the head of state personally.

Corona faux pas in Austria: The Federal President is in contempt of Corona-curfew – the police caught him

Because of Austria’s Federal President, Alexander Van der Bellen and his wife Doris Schmid, Auer have been caught after the Corona*lock-out hour in a restaurant in Vienna, from the police . Van der Bellen told the Kronen Zeitung that the incident on Sunday and apologized on his own Social Media channels. “I am truly sorry. It was a error , “ he explained. In a Tweet, the 76-Year-old added that he would reimburse the innkeeper for any damage.

Van, the barking statement comparatively banal was. He had ” ‘t stopped talking and, unfortunately, the time missed,” said the former Greens leader. Also, the police confirmed that the Federal President has been encountered in the case of a control in the centre of Vienna in a garden. According to the Kronen Zeitung Van der Bellen and his wife still drinks on the table, as the restaurant was controlled against 0.20 at had.

+ Alexander Van der Bellen and Doris Schmid and Auer were caught after curfew in a Local.©dpa / Amélie Chapalain

Corona faux pas in Austria: the Federal President is in contempt of Corona-curfew – the police caught him

In Austria, may Restaurants, pubs and Bars due to the Corona-pandemic* open currently, only up to 23 h . For the host, the incident could have expensive consequences. The Covid-19-measures the law provides for the operation, after 23 o’clock penalties of up to € 30,000 . Officially the restaurant was closed but probably already.

Mixed reactions on the Internet followed the gaffe of the Austrian Federal President. While a part of the population calls for the withdrawal van, the barking , see a lot of Austrians are not a great Offense, in violation of rule of the politician.

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