The Corona-pandemic world economically severe consequences. Many corporations and businesses was hit hard. So, too, the British Oil company BP.

The world economy groaning under the consequences of the Corona-pandemic . Both the UN and the EU Commission see the dramatic consequences, such as high-level representatives explain. The British Oil company BP has announced to remove 10,000 jobs (see Update 8. June, 15.30) Here you will find the basic facts to the Coronavirus* and the Corona-News from Germany. We also offer them in a map, the current case numbers in Germany. Currently there are the following recommendations to the Corona-protection measures.

Update 8. June, 15.30 clock: British Oil BP reacts to the loss in sales in the Wake of the Corona-crisis and wants to delete 10,000 jobs. It should be only to Posts in the administration. The locations where the cuts are to be made is not yet known.

In addition, there should be a senior employees in this year salary increase and also the payment of bonuses to employees would be very unlikely. In the first quarter of the demand for Oil by Corona-crisis in the basement and as a result, the price of Oil has fallen sharply. Unlike the competition,-companies Shell decided BP , however, against dividend cuts for investors.

Corona-crisis: ECB increases notkauf program by 600 billion on

Update 4. June, 14.25 PM: Europe’s monetary guardian to put in the fight against the unprecedented economic consequences of the Corona pandemic once again. The European Central Bank (ECB) is expanding its Corona-notkauf program for bonds to 600 billion euros to 1.35 trillion euros. The governing Council of the ECB decided on Thursday in Frankfurt. The minimum duration of the purchase programme will be extended in addition to half a year until the end of June 2021 .

ECB President Christine Lagarde had already emphasised at the end of April: “We can currently use up to the end of the year, over one trillion Euro.” The ECB’s governing Council was ready, the scope of the notkauf program PEPP “so far and for so long as is necessary to adapt”. First, the ECB until at least the year had been estimated at the end of 750 billion euros for the purchase of government and corporate bonds in the frame of the Corona – emergency programme PEP (Pandemic Emergency Purchase programs).

The Value of securities to help States, such as companies: they do not have to provide for your papers as high interest rates, when a Central Bank acts as a large buyer in the market. In the crisis, countries have launched rescue packages worth billions, the burden on the households.

Corona-crisis: Renault plans to cut 15,000 jobs and a work complete

Update 29 close. May, 18.36 PM: In Spain will be introduced from June, a basic income . The decided, the government in Madrid, against the Background of the economic impact of the Corona-crisis . “Today has been created in Spain, a new social right,” said Pablo Iglesias, chief of the left Alliance, Podemos and Deputy Prime Minister.

Of the basic income will benefit according to the government, expected to be about 850,000 households in need . This corresponds to approximately 2.3 million of the approximately 50 million inhabitants in Spain – around 30 percent of them are minors. A living adult shall be entitled to 462 euros per month Families receive an additional 139 Euro per head, but a maximum of 1015 Euro per household .

According to the government, each of the households receives a “guaranteed average annual income of 10.070 Euro”. The new scheme will cost the government expected to be three billion euros per year .

Corona-crisis: Renault plans to cut 15,000 jobs and a work complete

Update 29 close. May, 13.39 at: In the course of its austerity program, the car manufacturer Renault plans to cut around 15,000 jobs worldwide and by 2022, a smaller factory for mechanical parts in the Paris Metropolitan area close . Renault President Jean-Dominique Senard but stressed on Friday during an Online press conference that further factory closures are planned.

Senard, however, made it clear that it had to be in domestic plants changes. In this context, he called the factory in the Northern French city of Dieppe, where the sports car Alpine will be built. “This is not a Plan for the factory closures, it is savings plan ,” stated Senard.

Update 27. May, 21.30 at: ailing Boeing power in the Corona-crisis, with its large job cuts seriously. Around 6770 employees in the USA received their dismissal letter, such as the Airbus-rival has now been notified. The terminations therefore, in addition to around 5520, the employees have accepted Severance packages and the group in the next few weeks to leave. In the coming months, there will be thousands more Disposals , said Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun, in a Memo to employees.

to Boeing: Corona-crisis aggravated the economic Situation dramatically

The redundancy the rivals of the European Airbus -group is not surprising: Boeing had already announced at the end of April, to reduce its number of employees from 160,000 to about ten percent. This Plan has now been concretized only. The group is due to the problem of aircraft 737 Max , which is evidenced banned after two devastating crash in more than a year in the world, with Start-up, longer in a deep crisis. The Corona pandemic, which has brought air traffic to a near Standstill, the company has brought even more pressure.

Update 26. May, 22.47 PM: Worldwide loose measures against the Corona pandemic have pushed on Tuesday, stocks on Wall Street strongly. The Dow Jones Industrial overcame for the first time since the 10. March the mark of 25 000 points, could not bell to the final but say. He closed 2.17 percent higher on 24.995,11 points. Nearly two-thirds of the losses of the Corona Crash has caught up to the Dow now back up.

However, the US had catching up to do-share also: for holidays of the stock exchanges in the United States, remained closed on Monday as it was gone in Asia and Europe already up.

Cup purchase due to Corona banned: Vatican confirms financial-Worries – Soon, no more money from the Pope?

Update from 25. May, 19.10 PM: , Not only the profane economy , even the Vatican suffers financially under the Corona-crisis : Already nearly two weeks ago, in charge of the Holy see confirmed the Economy is a huge imbalance in the Budget. With 25 to 45 percent reduction in revenues due to the Corona of the crisis was to be expected, said father Juan Antonio Guerrero Alves the website, Vatican News