How to have changed prices in the Online trading for the summer-article? A comparison portal, announced the Figures for the crisis year 2020 – and they are alarming.

How is it with the prices Online, for the typical summer products? A comparison portal reported that the prices for many of these articles are increased. In may 2020, these prices were often significantly higher than in previous years – with a few exceptions.

analysis: These products for the summer have been in the Online trading more expensive

The summer has begun. Products for garden and balcony , sports* Outdoors or a cozy barbecue are also in demand in the Online trading . In the past few years, a lot of typical summer products just in time for the season. But as the price development of summer products this year? The Corona-pandemic* has an impact on the pricing of the Online retailers?

analysis: garden furniture, sun cream, tents, and fans were more expensive

An analysis of the Shopping and comparison platform Idealo shows how the prices* there have developed a Lot of typical summer products in may 2020 noticeably more expensive than at the same Season of the year, the average of the last three years: “The subject garden furniture as garden chairs (+14 %), garden table (+12 %), and garden (+23%) are. But also sun care (+13 %), and parasols (+8 %), garden hoses (+21 %), and fans (+9 %) were in may of this year, more than in the last few years, at the same time. With bags (+9 %), bike carriers (+13 %), and camping (+9 %) are also typical products for the summer vacation of a significant price increase.”

), and Compared according to the company the average price in the respective product category to in may of 2020, with the average price of the past three years in the same examination period (may 2017-2019. Given the price development in percent.

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analysis: lawn mower and sunglasses in the Online trade effective

become Not all product groups are, however, increase from the price in the Online retail have been affected, it says in the message: “ barbecues , for example, were in may 2020 only 2 percent above the average of recent years – a value that is entirely due to natural fluctuations in price.” Also boats (+2 %), and swimwear (-3 %) were deviated “slightly”. And: “In sunglasses is a tendency even to below (-5 %)”. In addition, mower had been in may 2020 “on average, even significantly lower cost” than in previous years (-12 %).”

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How to develop summer products in June and July?

there Is a prognosis? How the prices will develop in the coming months, remains to be seen, – said in the message of Idealo only. Usually may, June and July were for many seasonal products are the best months – compared to the more expensive months in the autumn and Winter could be “here is often 10% or more” save.

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can’t say Vague forecast for the upcoming year of 2020, prices

Whether the prices , such as in may “would be unusual remain high,” or in the course of the summer and again will fall, to leave due to the exceptional Situation with certainty, according to the company. “If the Federal government’s decision to reduce the VAT* will be passed to the consumer , could decrease the prices at least a little bit.” It is recommend to watch the price trend of the desired products before buying and to compare offers. Whether and to what extent, concretely, the Corona-pandemic influence on the pricing, the Online retailer, is not answered in the message.

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