containment has been a period synonymous with weight gain for a third of the French. In fact, according to a survey Odoxa published on Monday 8 June, a third of the respondents claim to have gained weight (about 3.2 kg) during these two months. However, they were also less likely to ” drink, to eat fatty, sweet and salty, and even fewer smoke “. They twist so the neck to the false idea according to which the containment has promoted the “bad practices” in terms of health.

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The barometer established in partnership with Le Figaro and France-Info suggests an improvement, related to the sidelining of social life. And a steady practice regarding sporting activities still practiced by 2 out of 3 French) even if they have had to adapt by offering online courses. The part of the French saying drinking alcohol on a regular or occasional dropped 6 points in two months, from 57 % of consumers before the confinement to 51 % after. Same thing for those eating of the fatty products (3 points) or salty (- 5 points). Finally, regular smokers or occasional) increased from 27 % to 23 %, falls within the survey evaluating the impact of the Covid-19 on prevention health in Europe.

“It drinks more, smokes more, eats more [chips, coke, etc], when in the society”

” An explanatory factor common to all of these improvements emerges : all of these behaviors have a social dimension. One drinks more, smokes more, eats more [chips, coke, etc], when in the society “, stressed the promoters of the survey. On the other hand, the period has not resulted in a reduction or a marked increase in the consumption of cannabis. Or of potentially dangerous drugs such as anxiolytics, although the survey highlights that ” the proportion of people taking regular basis has increased from 4 % to 6 %, with the potential for an increase of doses “.

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negative Point : for many people the sedentary confinement had left traces : up to 35% of the French say they have gained weight, on average, 3.2 kg, and one in five has even taken more than 5 kg. They are 19%, on the contrary, lost weight during this period unique. This survey was conducted by Odoxa and the FG2A by querying a sample of 1 000 French before the confinement and another after.

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