for Years, showed consumers in Germany, Offered by Online grocery retailers the cold shoulder, and bought meat and vegetables instead of the supermarket or at the discount store around the corner. But in the last few months, it’s different: the fear of The Coronavirus gave the Online delivery services of Rewe, Picnic, Getnow rates up to Amazon Fresh unprecedented growth.

Edeka, Rewe, Amazon Fresh: the Online delivery services can benefit from Corona-crisis

“For the Online food trade, the current situation is a great opportunity to get out of his niche move. After the crisis of E-Commerce will play in this area, probably a greater role, because many customers will notice now that the offers are attractive,” said trade expert Peter Heckmann of AlixPartners, the German press Agency.

This Chance will now also benefit from Rohlik. In fact, Germany was only in 2025 on the expansion list of the company, now the Czech E-Food wants to open giant this year, the first branch in Munich.

Rohlik: the concept of the Czech E-Food works-giant

Rohlik works with a similar approach to the Dutch company Picnic, the supplies, the German cities of D├╝sseldorf, M├Ânchengladbach, Krefeld, Essen, Duisburg and Gelsenkirchen.

orders can be entered online, the goods in a Hub put together and delivered office. From there, our own deliverer to deliver the goods to the customer. the Rohlik a delivery within two hours , from the date of the order. For comparison: Picnic supplies in, as a rule, on the following day, Rewe, but for a fee.

Rohlik demands currently in the Czech Republic, a shipping fee of 2.96 euros (79 kronor), at a purchase value of 75 Euro (2000 crowns) delivery is free.

Rohlik is in Austria, the “Gherkin”, in Hungary “Kifli” (Croissant)

In the Czech Republic, the company creates significant Figures. In the previous year, it broke the sales mark of EUR 160 million, now it writes even in the black. For E-Food vendor so far, a rare image.

Rohlik expanded already to Hungary and to Austria under various names. In Hungary, it means “Kifli” (Croissant), in Austria, the “Gherkin”. It remains to be seen, with the name of the company to customers in Germany to recruit. In the FOCUS Online In The PCP In the

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