there is no age to start a musical career. The 14th dalai lama Tenzin Gyatso is going to release an album, entitled the Inner World (inner World) on the 6th of July, in honor of his 85 years. A first single has been released to the public Wednesday, June 10, Compassion, tells France Info. This title incorporates one of the most famous buddhist prayer, recited by the dalai lama, to music soft and soothing. This prayer is supposed to ” open our heart and bring us closer to others, to feel love and compassion through wisdom, generating a desire to help “, can read on the official website of the musical project.

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Help others

The album will include a total of 11 titles. The project started in 2015, when a student in new zealand of the dalai lama Junelle Kunin wrote to him to propose him to make an album to help people prone to emotional stress. The husband of Junelle Kunin, Abraham Kunin, has composed the music and played many instruments. A booklet will accompany the release of the album. “The purpose of my life is to serve as many as possible. Music can help people in a way that is impossible for me, ” says the dalai lama. “Music has the potential to transcend our differences” and to spread his message to a wider audience, ” he adds, reports France Info.

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The profits from the sale of the album will be assigned to the programme of social education, emotional and ethical Foundation Gaden Phodrang of the dalai lama and the Mind & Life Institute. The dalai lama, temporal and spiritual head of Tibet, in exile since 1959, after the military invasion of the territory situated between China and Nepal by the chinese troops.

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march 31, 1959. The day the dalai lama fled Lhasa bombed by the Chinese.