As reported in the journal “automotive week”, will announce the French-Japanese group at the end of may, a comprehensive savings program. “In addition to multibillion-dollar savings programs will be eliminated, among other things, for Renault models Espace, Scénic, and the Talisman without replacement. Nissan wants to get its excess capacity with several sharp capacity cuts in the handle. For Europe, the most dramatic is the decision to close the factory in Barcelona completely. Its production range to at least go to Renault,” the “automotive week”.

Made for Renault Talisman, Scénic and Espace?

Which apparently is available for planning models – a wagon and two family vans – were not already one of the best sellers of the group, especially also in France, the SUV models are becoming more and more popular. Background of the deletions is likely to be that the French government demanded in return for state aid, concessions – both in the corporate strategy as well as jobs. Preferably, plants should be in France. Renault models like the Renault Talisman combined, it be was the last high discounts.

The crisis had to be made to a lever, in order to accelerate the ecological Transition and to encourage the French to buy vehicles, you have to tax said economy Minister Bruno Le Maire on Monday, the radio station France info. He announced that the French government will submit within 15 days a Plan for the assistance to the automotive industry. The transition to more sustainable models needs to be stimulated, said Le Maire. In spite of Maxi-battery: Nissan’s new Leaf a Load still has the Problem of PCP in Spite of Maxi-battery: Nissan’s new Leaf still has a Charging Problem

Behind that lie, especially a purchasing program for electric cars – the Renault-Nissan group-sensitive strategy: Currently the Nissan Leaf, one of the best-selling E-car in the group, recently reported poor sales numbers and was only attacked with significant discounts.

According to the “automotive week” wants to reduce the size of the group brand Nissan’s production capacity by 20 percent. “In addition, the Japanese apparently decided to in Asia and Russia, well-known Budget brand Datsun to bury. In Indonesia, Nissan had recently set his Datsun production. The high Marketing and sales costs for an own brand would no longer count after the Corona-crisis,” the journal reported.

Renault has not confirmed messages

Neither Renault nor Nissan have confirmed the reports yet. On request by FOCUS Online Reports, a Renault spokeswoman said, to comment on the speculation.