the Detection of the misuse of the scheme to hire chefs from China have caused concern in the chinese instant messaging service.

On the chinese chat forums are now warned to put the job ads out and debate working conditions in the chinese restaurants in Denmark. It writes the Magazine 3F.

– It is strictly forbidden to share job ads, which is in violation with the Danish law, write an im user on the chinese instant messaging service WeChat.

the Message comes after the unveiling of the abuse of the so-called beløbsordning to employ chefs from China and their wives to a rate of pay that is far under Danish conditions.

Magazine 3F has earlier told, that it is littered with advertisements for chinese restaurants in Denmark, in open and closed groups on WeChat.

Here wrote a restaurantejer among other things, that he is looking for “a married couple, for a total salary of 18,000 crowns, the working hours are 12 hours per day with one monthly day off.”

Of the talks on the chatforummet it appears now however, that it is not safe to share such ads or other information about the working conditions in the chinese catering business.

– All groups are under some form of surveillance, is in one of the messages.

It is not only kokkejob, which will be communicated on WeChat. Also information on working visas to Denmark and working conditions at the chinese restaurants are being exchanged.

Of the talks shows, among other things, that the long working hours and no days off is a term for the staff here in the country.

– We have it too hard now, we have no breaks, in an instant message. He has only two days off per year.