The keeper of the Seals Nicole Belloubet announced Wednesday the 1st of July that it had instigated an inspection on the investigation of the Parquet national financier (PNF) which aimed to identify the “mole” possible, having been able to inform Nicolas Sarkozy and his lawyer Thierry Herzog that they were on listening. The revelation of the “Point” of the scale of such eavesdropping has generated a great uproar among lawyers and in the political world, prompting the Justice minister to request a report to the attorney general of Paris, the guardianship authority of the PNF, directed by Éliane Houlette, at the time this investigation was opened.

the Seizure by the minister, the Inspectorate-general of justice must “submit its report by September 15,” says Nicole Belloubet in a press release. “This inspection will determine the extent and the proportionality of the investigations and the procedural framework of this investigation “, said the release of the keeper of the Seals.

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The PNF swear not to be “out of nails”

“At no time, judges and investigators […] are out of nails,” said his side Tuesday, the current head of the PNF, Jean-François Bohnert. “The PNF has been exploit these fadettes simply because he was in search of a leak that had occurred in other proceedings and the purpose it was […] in proportionality to work” to ” make the light “, he justified.

Eric Dupond-Moretti, one of the lawyers involved with this procedure has shown to have filed Tuesday a complaint for “violation of the intimacy of private life and secrecy of correspondence” and ” abuse of authority “. The president of the bar of Paris, Me Olivier Cousi, who has blasted an inquiry “outside the norm and worrying,” has also announced an upcoming court action.

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